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The Traffic Ticket Office is a law firm extending its traffic law services to Miami and all areas of South Florida, assisting clients in finding a simple and affordable solution specially designed to keep them on the road as well as maintaining clean driving records, preventing:

  • Accumulation of Points on your Record
  • Higher Premiums on Insurance
  • Time and Money Spent on Traffic School
  • Expensive Charges
  • Loss of Driving Rights

In South Florida, our traffic attorneys have helped hundreds of thousands of clients protect themselves from both the financial and practical burdens that traffic tickets can cause. With our help, you certainly don’t have to just simply accept the consequences of a traffic violation.

We Know How to Fight any Traffic Ticket

Allow us to represent you. You will save both time and money. Having an experienced lawyer fight your traffic ticket has the potential of preventing many frustrations and hassles. In most cases, you will never have to appear in court.

The Attorneys at the Miami Traffic Ticket Office work to:

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Testimonial Sidebar“Since day one of my 3 year relationship when i got my traffic ticket…”Ozzy R.

“The firm is the most professional and dedicated office handling traffic matters in Miami. On 3 separate occasions they have resolved my traffic ticket without points or court costs.”Damian Z.

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Attorneys SidebarScott J. HidnertScott J. Hidnert Esq. Nova Law School Grad 1989; Practicing and member Florida Bar Since 1990.


Anthony J. MalloAnthony J. Mallo Esq. St. Thomas Law School Grad 1999; Practicing and Member Florida Bar since 1999.

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