Miami Lawyers: Fighting Against Suspension of Licenses

South Floridians rely on their cars. For most clients, having a suspended license is almost equivalent to going to jail. It interferes with both your work and personal life.

A person charged with a suspended license needs a lawyer to fight and defend his right to drive. This traffic ticket lawyer must prevent the suspension and assist in the recovery of your license.

We are the traffic ticket lawyers of the Traffic Ticket Office, Miami. We have been operating for 15 years. We have helped many clients with their traffic-related charges. We completely understand the challenges a suspended license can pose. We understand the severity of a suspended license.  We implement strategies to help you recover your driver’s license.

On Dealing with All Kinds of Suspended License Issues

Many causes can lead to a suspended license. Among these are DUI arrests, multiple convictions and drug possession convictions. The accumulation of points on your license, unpaid fines and tickets can also cause this.

Simple violations can lead to a suspended license. Tougher penalties may occur when there is an accumulation of minor violations.  Even more serious is driving without a license as you will be charged as a habitual traffic offender.

Our lawyers can assist you with a suspended license. We may be able to help in not only recovering your driver’s license, but assist in having your driving privilege temporarily restored while we tackle your previous charges. We also work on your behalf to have the courts reduce your fines.

Get Back on Track

Our lawyers at Traffic Ticket Office can help you. Call us if you have a suspended license.  We will work on your behalf to clear you record and protect your rights.  Call us at 305-LAW-FIRM. You can also contact us through our website.