Reckless driving, or to some people, careless driving is one of the many offenses that a person/ driver can get when he violates traffic rules. Before you are given your driver’s license, you have attended driving schools, right? And you are taught in such driving schools the do’s and don’ts when it comes to driving. Hence, if you do not follow the rules and guidelines when it comes to driving, then you have committed “careless driving/reckless driving” offense.  And for sure you will need help. Get a traffic ticket attorney immediately when you call 305-LAW-Firm.

Different places have different ways of dealing with careless/reckless driving, though. For instance,  an 81-year-old Australian driver going the wrong way on the road for several miles. You can see him through the lens of several traffic cameras. He’s weaving in and out of LOTS of traffic and miraculously doesn’t hit anyone. This driver had his license revoked, and he was fined. He didn’t get jail time.

If this happened in Virginia, I’ll bet the guy would’ve been punished more harshly. I’ve seen cases where a person accidentally turned the wrong way on a road and was charged with Virginia reckless driving. But in those cases, the driver usually realizes the problem quickly and doesn’t travel long on the wrong side. After all, once you come across the first vehicle traveling the OTHER way, wouldn’t you freak out and stop?

In minimal cases, we might be able to argue it’s really just improper driving. Or we could at least argue that the driver’s license shouldn’t be suspended. Read more of this at http://www.andrewflusche.com/


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Why would an officer issue a serious misdemeanor Reckless Driving ticket instead of an ordinary traffic violation upon observing a minor infraction?

There are three theories here.

First, some officers aren’t regular summons writers. They happen to see an infraction, pull someone over, yet aren’t sure what specific section of vehicle and traffic law to site. The officer may know however that Reckless Driving, a vague catchall, is good enough and will likely fit. Many of these officers who don’t regularly deal with car stops and issuing summonses might not even recognize how much more serious the Reckless Driving charge is.

Second, for some NYC officers for instance, they may recognize that for every Reckless Driving charge they issue they likely save themselves a trip to court. For ordinary traffic violations, the officer will be summonsed to the TVB to testify. For minor criminal charges like Reckless, it’s unlikely an officer will ever need to show in court. Most Reckless cases are plea bargained to a disposition before the officer ever needs to appear. This is specific to Reckless Driving in NYC.

Third, there must be cases where the motorist’s behavior after the car stop prompted the officer to write the more serious reckless charge. Arguing with an officer doesn’t help. While not every officer will be swayed one way or another by the motorist’s attitude, we have to acknowledge that officers are human and have discretion when it comes to what they issue. It’s fair to assume that in some small percentage of cases an argumentative motorist can drive away with a reckless charge where a more cooperative motorist would have been issued the simple traffic violation. View full article at http://www.nytickethelp.com/

 Reckless Driving
Drunk Driver Speeds 18 Miles On Wrong Side Of Highway. Drunk Driver Crashed Into DWI Checkpoint. That is one bad trip. A 60-year-old woman allegedly drove nearly 18 miles at dangerously high speeds while heading north on the southbound side of. Sometimes, the breathalyzer test is really more of a formality.

RCW 46.61.500: Reckless driving — Penalty.
(1) Any person who drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving. Violation of the provisions …

Defense of speeding, reckless driving & vehicular homicide cases
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