There are really a lot of speed traps in our Speeding Ticket, that is why it is valuable to consult a lawyer if you have one.  With this action we will see different reactions from many sectors, but what is real today is that it is still a long way ahead.

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Missouri lawmakers fighting speed traps


““The senator released a statement in December saying, “Government exists to serve our citizens. Unfortunately, the municipal court system, especially in the St. Louis region, have created a system of traffic ticket tricks and schemes designed to extract more and more from our citizens. These schemes are little more than ATMs for bloated big government budgets that have hit the poor especially hard. This is abusive system deserves thoughtful reform. My legislation will help right a wrong and help us move forward.”


Whatever the reason’s behind the good senator has, it is still hard to know how far his legislation will affect the whole country, and for the meantime whenever you have speed ticket, it is best to see a lawyer.

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