Back to School Traffic Issues

Back to School Traffic Issues

Back to School Traffic Issues

As summer school break begins to wind down, everyone is slowly readjusting to reality. With that, comes more traffic. No You’re probably already running to get school supplies.  In this,  you’re finding new shortcuts to work and potentially, to your kids’ school.  It’s time to remind you of various back to school traffic issues.

Here are a few reminders as the back-to-school season quickly approaches:

Above all, don’t forget to share the road with pedestrians. This is very important since most schools have drop off and pick up procedures that may cause children to walk on the road to get to their cars. Additionally, pay attention to schools buses and leave enough room for them to be able to make frequent stops and let children off at any given moment. Finally, be alert and follow the posted speed limit signs.  The Traffic Ticket Office cannot stress enough how many traffic violations there are during the school year from drivers exceeding the school zone speed limit because they did not leave themselves enough time to get to work. Leave a little earlier to give yourself a grace period given there may be numerous school zones in your area.

Why Call the Traffic Ticket Office?

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