Five Bizarre Methods People Buzz Off Traffic Tickets

When we are stopped and given a traffic ticket, we dream of fighting the officer for what we think is an injustice he throws in our way. But most people just pay the tickets and continue.. and continue to accumulate points on their records. Why bother? There are more important things than dealing with those tickets.

However…. Not all of us…

If you think you are already hitting some extra effort in getting rid of those traffic tickets right on your table, you may be wrong. There are people who’ve gone extra miles more than what you can imagine just to avoid and remove those traffic tickets from their records and their life.

Below are the top 5 on our list:

  • A Physicist Beats a Traffic Violation With a Physics Paper

Physics Paper

 The cop who pulled over Dmitri Krioukov for running a STOP sign didn’t realize Krioukov was a dangerous man. Krioukov didn’t have a weapon, but he was armed with a Ph.D. in physics and used it at the University of California, San Diego, where he taught physics. So he wrote a physics-laden four-page paper filled with equations, charts,… read more.

  • Man Buys His Old Car Back to Prove He Didn’t Speed

Buys His Old Car Back

Englishman Dale Lyle could never fully appreciate the exhilarating flirtation with death that is speeding. His Honda Civic was 14 years old, an age where Lyle probably gave some serious thought to Old Yellering that wheezing bucket to end the suffering. And then one day,.. read more.

  • Woman Fakes Her Own Death to Avoid a Series of Tickets

Fakes Her Own Death

Death is the ultimate problem-solver. Cops can’t arrest you if you step in front of a train and get exploded. What are they going to do, slap cuffs on the sponges that soaked up your body-slop? It just sucks that the dying part is so obnoxiously permanent. Luckily, centuries ago,.. read more.

  • Australian Man Reports His Car Stolen to Get Out of a Ticket [20 Different Times Over 13 Years]

Reports His Car Stolen

The biggest question this story will leave in your mind isn’t how the guy got away with not paying parking tickets for over a decade, I’ll be explaining that. The real question is: Why did it go on as long as it did? read more.

  • Guy Writes Passive-Aggressive Letter and Gets Ticket Withdrawn

Passive-Aggressive Letter

Screaming obscenities at a meter maid will never get your ticket withdrawn. But if the actions of an unnamed person from Melbourne, Australia, prove anything, it’s that you don’t have to be vulgar to get your ticket dismissed,.. read more.

There are thousands of people who’ll do anything just to get rid of traffic tickets and themselves out of trouble. However if you are into any traffic ticket issues (and not as skilled as those in above samples), might be red light violations, speeding tickets, toll violation or any kind of traffic ticket for that matter, we suggest that you find the best traffic lawyer to help you resolve the issue. Of course that will not go without cost, but that is very marginal compared to the possible consequences like losing the driver license when demerit points accumulated already. Traffic Ticket Office can be the best option if you are looking for experienced traffic lawyers to help you fight those tickets. Give us a call at 305-LAW-FIRM for a free consultation.