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Careless driving of motor vehicles is a public safety issue that affects the well-being of all highway users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicle operators and their passengers. In addition, careless driving affects people in their own yards as well as on public property such as parks, and is also a cause of damage to public and private property. Further, careless driving occurs on neighbourhood streets, regional roads, 400-series highways, public and private parking lots, and seemingly just about anywhere throughout the province that motor vehicles can be driven. For more details Careless Driving and Public Safety on Slideshare.

Careless Drivers 38: vehicle stuck in a flash flood, confused pedestrian, slow driver
A few video clips to show the dangers of the road when we get careless. Always have your guard up behind the wheel. Drive safe! Careless Drivers videos featu…

Careless Driving with Deadly and Costly Consequences

For example, a  man has been charged with causing death by careless driving after a 94-year-old cyclist died following a road traffic collision. John Wilson Winter died after his electronically-assisted pedal cycle was involved in a collision with a Seat Ibiza in Crowle in November last year. Adam Edward Hodgson, 29, of Maple Avenue, Crowle, has now been charged with causing death by careless driving. A spokeswoman for Humberside Police confirmed that he was summonsed to Scunthorpe Magistrates Court on April 15 when the case was adjourned and re-listed. He is now due to be appear before magistrates on Wednesday, May 1. Mr Winter died after a collision at the junction of High Street and Godnow Road at about 3pm on Tuesday, November 6. He died from his injuries two days later in Scunthorpe General Hospital. Full report

In Flemington,  woman has been charged in connection with a hit-and-run accident that knocked down a utility pole and a street sign at Broad Street and Emery Avenue. The accident happened on the afternoon on April 30. Borough Water Department personnel saw a damaged car that fit the description issued by police on May 1 and reported it. Police said Sarah Lyczkowski, 29, who had been driving a gold Toyota Avalon, admitted her involvement in the crash. She was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident and careless driving. Continue

What can the government do to people who plead guilty of careless driving. Well, an example would be what happened to a man in Ballarat. Thomas Taylor will spend time listening to crash victims and rescue workers after pleading guilty to careless driving yesterday. The Ballarat Magistrates Court heard that Thomas Taylor was driving a Holden sedan when he approached a speed bump in Yarrowee Street, Sebastopol, just after 9pm on October 11 last year. The court heard that Taylor drove slowly towards the speed bump, then accelerated once over the top of it, causing the rear wheels to spin and the vehicle to drift sideways. Police prosecutions staff said police saw the loss of traction, then watched as Taylor accelerated away. He was intercepted and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days. More.. .

How much more will my insurance cost go up with a careless driving ticket?
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– How much more will my insurance cost go up with a careless driving ticket? I m 16 and totaled a 18,000$ car and the insurance company will probably have to dish out at least 30,000$ in costs for hospital bills and so on. I know I wasn t driving safe and now i m paying for it so don t heckle me. I have Triple A insurance if that

 Jail Time for Careless Driving? Texting & Accidents: N.J. Supreme Court Mulls …
newjerseynewsroom.com, on Fri, 27 Sep 2013 08:18:02 -0700
The New Jersey Supreme Court’s eventual decisions on two cases on its docket could help to make the roads safer. One case involves whether people convicted of careless driving could get jail sentences, and the other asks that a jury be allowed to

..too many cases to recite here!

Its NO FUN to see these Careless Driving Accidents

Careless Drivers Causing Accidents compilation:

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