DUI/Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol: One of the Major Causes of Road Accidents?

You may very well be familiar with a driving reminder which is, “If you drink, do not drive. If you drive do not drink”. Why do you think this was coined? While there are many causes of road accidents, a lot of these are caused by, you guessed it right, driving under the influence of alcohol or even prohibited drugs. This is why DUI violations and charges have its own category in traffic violations. And many institutions such as us at Traffic Ticket Office are willing to help you out with this problem. For any DUI call 305-LAW-Firm.

A lot of people are getting involved in road accidents which may or may not cause death to other people as well as the driver himself. For instance, a teenager has been accused of drinking, driving, crashing and killing another teenager. Nisa Sanchez, 18, has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. Detectives said there was a strong odor of alcohol on Sanchez’s breath. She admitted to going to a graduation party earlier that night and she had left a gas station shortly before the crash, police said. Investigators said Sanchez told them she lost control after making a turn.

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A more familiar person who has been involved with road accidents due to drunk driving would be Matt Bush. He was selected by the San Diego Padres as the overall No. 1 pick in 2004 was arrested in March after hitting a motorcycle being operated by 72-year-old Tony Tufano. Bush allegedly fled the scene. When police caught up with Bush and arrested him, he had a blood-alcohol level of .180, more than twice the legal limit in Florida.

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Also, a Cicero man was sentenced to eight years in prison after he was convicted in a drunken driving crash that seriously injured a woman and two 6-year-old girls in Oak Brook as they drove home from seeing “The Sound of Music.” Jose D. Rodriguez, 26, must serve more than six years, or 85 percent of that sentence given by Judge George Bakalis. He has been in the DuPage County jail on $750,000 bond since the accident on Nov. 12, 2011, and will receive credit for time served, officials said.

Read full details at http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20121219/news/712199734/.

So, if you do not want to get involved in road accidents or just plainly not be arrested because of DUI charges, do not drink and drive. Nevertheless, if you are facing such problem already, do not hesitate to contact us immediately at 305-LAW-Firm or send us your details.

Do not delay because DUI cases have deadlines.