Driving with a suspended license is not less than driving without a license. Literally, you are not allowed to drive behind the wheel, you are not allowed and you should never take the risk of doing so. Driving while suspended can get you into troubles when caught, or worse when you get yourself into another problem – another additional traffic violation.

Escondido police Officer David Daccilli sets up a driver's license checkpoint on Escondido Boulevard in Escondido on Monday. (Photo by Hayne Palmour IV - staff photographer)

Escondido police Officer David Daccilli sets up a driver’s license checkpoint on Escondido Boulevard in Escondido on Monday. (Photo by Hayne Palmour IV – staff photographer)

Hewitt woman admits driving, no license


Hewitt woman admits driving, no license … Court before Judge Thomas J. Critchley, in Newton, on May 12, to fourth-degree driving while suspended. … Chuprevich admitted she was found to be operating a vehicle during a period of license suspension for a second or subsequent driving while intoxicated offense.”


South Florida man’s driver’s license suspended 26 times

“A DUI checkpoint led to a South Florida man getting his driver’s license suspended for the 26th time… “A person like this doesn’t deserve to be on the streets. (He) has no business on the streets,” Miami Beach police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said. … According to state records, Cook’s driving privileges were revoked four … “I was unknowingly (driving when) I had a suspended license,” Cook said.”






Lawmakers created the rules; on the other hand, some of them are violators themselves. Everyone makes excuses, but with regards to traffic offenders – no one is excluded, not even our lawmakers.

License drama an unwelcome embarrassment for Penns Grove: Editorial


“Elected officials are held to a higher standard. They are the ones who are supposed to set an example. … So when Penns Grove Borough Councilman Carl Washington Jr. was caught by a Fox News crew driving on numerous occasions with a suspended license… “I wanted to go on record that if I offended anyone, a taxpayer or voter, I apologize. Yeah, I was driving, but I didn’t know — I formally apologize, my purpose is to help promote laws not break them,” the councilman said. …”


Croton Resident Charged In Yorktown With Driving With A Suspended License

“YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. – A Croton-On-Hudson man was charged Friday with causing an accident while driving under a suspended license, … The charges stemmed from a traffic accident that happened about 4 p.m., … When officials investigated the crash, they said they learned that Eichler’s New York State driver’s license was suspended for failing to pay a driver’s assessment fee. …”


Why You Really Don’t Want to Drive With a Suspended License


Driving with a suspended license is not advised. … Stiffer penalties will result from not only getting caught driving with a suspended license, but if you’re caught while committing a major traffic violation such as driving under the influence (DUI)or reckless driving. … Also, in all probability, you can expect higher car insurance premiums. This, of course, will depend on the polices of your auto insurance provider, …”


Having a suspended license is such a pain, yet some of these violations are actually issued based on assumptions and not the truth, making it more annoying. In cases like this, it is most economical for you to contact an experienced attorney who can help you contest your tickets. Keep yourself updated with the status of your driver’s license and do yourself a favor by keeping the laws.

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