Driving drugged is not only unsafe but is particularly illegal, just as driving soon after having a drink. Driving under the influence of drugs places in danger not simply the driver but also passengers and others, actually all who share the road with us. As drunk driving eventually decreases as years pass by, drugged driving has an opposite development and has increased in great figures. Drunken drivers whom officers jailed went down to less than a hundred which turned to be 24% than the arrested figures the earlier year.  On the other hand, drug offenses were being on course in the opposite direction in 2014.


DUI arrests fall below 100 for 2014, drug offenses increase


The number of drivers who got behind the wheel after drinking too much booze dipped below 100 last year, the first time drunken driving arrests dropped below that figure since before at least 2010.

Police reported 271 drug offenses last year, a rise from 238 during the same period a year earlier. Possession of a controlled substance offenses, primarily methamphetamine, more than doubled from 2013 to 2014.


Driving under the influence of drugs creates threats to public safety and we all see that based on the growing numbers as evidenced of fatal crashes each year in our state or in bigger scope – our country. NHTSA recently published a press release about “Two New Studies on Impaired Driving on U.S. Roads (http://www.nhtsa.gov/About+NHTSA/Press+Releases/2015/nhtsa-releases-2-impaired-driving-studies-02-2015). They have clearly described that drunken driving declines, while drug use behind the wheels rises.

Fewer people driving drunk, but drug use on the road is rising


There are fewer drunk drivers on the road, but their place has been taken by people high on marijuana and prescription drugs, according to two reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.



Without a doubt our work to understand and battle drunk driving are paying off, but at some point, we need to consider that precisely illegal drugs and prescribed medicines impact highway safety. Law enforcement officials get explained that they have noticed a rise with the number of marijuana users in the region since the state of Colorado legalized this drug for recreational use. The number of cases of driving under the influence of drugs has been increasing every year since 2010 in this region.


Drug, DUI arrests continue to rise in Rapid City


The Rapid City Police Department released its crime analysis for 2014 on Friday. It showed there were more than 1,300 drug arrests in 2014, a nearly 75 percent increase over the five-year average and a 19 percent increase over 2013. The city also saw 965 DUI arrests last year, a roughly 16 percent increase over the five-year average and about an 8 percent increase over 2013.


Let’s face the truth – penalties are given to those arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, and those who can afford to pay the penalty are allowed to do so? Whatever your social status maybe, not everyone can establish an effective prevention to what you have started.  Even famous stars can commit a crime such as DUI and Drugs; some of them are not just arrested once, but most probably twice, third, fourth and so on.

Moesha’s Bro.  Super Busted in AZ For DUI And Drugs


Mo’ problems for “Moesha” star Marcus T. Paulk — pre Super Bowl partying in AZ landed him in jail for DUI and drug possession.


The consequence associated with specific drug abuse differs on how they actually act inside the brain, yet most of them damage the ability required for your safe driving of an auto. This kind of ability incorporates engine skills and coordination, conception, attention, effect time, and judgment. By choosing to drive under the influence of drugs, you are choosing to put your safety to risk so as to others. By driving under the influence of drugs, you are not capable of properly generating actions at your fullest, and sometimes you can be wild and out of control.


Kwame Harris arrested on driving under the influence, resisting arrest charges 


Kwame Harris, a former player for the 49ers and Raiders, was arrested in the Mission on Sunday and booked on charges of driving under the influence of drugs, resisting arrest and aggravated assault, Officer Grace Gatpandan said Monday.


That wasn’t until eventually 2008 that drug-impaired driving provision ended up accentuated as well as prosecuted by observational facts. Basically, it must be noticeable which drivers ended up being high to be detected and charged. This is the reason why teens are more likely to drive under the influence of drugs rather than alcohol. Part of the reason behind the actual growing numbers can be the lack of understanding the issue and our parents can do the first step to prevent this, however other factors are unpredictable. “Most parents don’t think about drugged driving… It’s not on their radar,” says Paris. 

Teens more likely to drive under the influence of drugs than alcohol


Marc Paris, executive director of the Partnership for a Drug Free Canada, said that close to 40 per cent of teens say they are passengers in a vehicle driven by someone who is under the influence of drugs.


Regardless of whether a state calls that “driving under the influence (DUI), ” “driving while intoxicated (DWI), ” or even a few other name, it is taken very seriously. Should you have one, it is wise and economical to consult a legal professional for your defense. Call 305-LAW-FIRM or contact our DUI lawyers.