Driving under the influence cases do not respect who you may be, you may be a popular actress, a great athlete, a model, a mayor, a principal or even a bishop. DUI with popular personalities is not rare, after all they are humans. The problem is that they love to drink and drive, the result is DUI.   

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Amanda Bynes dodges DUI rap, has conservatorship extended

“Amanda Bynes will be waiting another four months for her next shot at freedom, but she’s officially off the hook for her September DUI arrest, the Daily …

The troubled actress did not appear during the hearing and managed to leave the building undetected after her lawyer exited out of the back of the courtroom near where the judge’s chambers were located.”


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“The 29-year-old model, who moved to the United States 10 years ago and currently lives in Florida, finally agreed to take the test as she stumbled out of her car. She failed the test, and as she continued to try to stand, police arrested her and took her jail.

Ivanova was charged with a DUI and then released from custody around 1 p.m. on Wednesday, as reported by the Canadian Journal.

Actors and actresses, and popular personalities, those working in the show business, popular athletes and sport personalities, driving under the influence is a common thing. Most of them cannot avoid alcohol in their socialization. Like ordinary men and women their indulgence to alcohol sometimes brought trouble for them and our laws will not respect their public status. DUI with popular personalities is the same as DUI with ordinary people. The problem in every DUI rooted in alcohol or other substances that impaired your sound judgement and endangering others on the road. Driving under the influence is a choice for every driver on the road, most of them know that they are under the spell of alcohol yet they choose to drive, hoping that no officer will pull them over. But that does not happen always as our carelessness results in fatalities, driving under the influence that results to death. 


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Michael Phelps Gets Engaged To Beauty Queen, Tweets Joy After Rehab, Sex, And DUI Scandals …

          “He was initially arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in 2004. Then, when he was arrested 10 years later for a second DUI, he announced he was headed to rehab. That 2014 arrest earned him an unwelcome splash in the media when Phelps failed a field sobriety test. When police measured his BAC, it was almost twice the legal limit.”



Mayor charged with DUI faces council colleagues

“The mayor of Alberta’s eighth-largest community was charged with the Criminal Code offence of driving with a blood-alcohol level above .08 milligrams. He has a court appearance scheduled for March 10, the Medicine Hat police chief said in a statement.

No mention or acknowledgment of the impaired driving charge was made by Clugston, or his council colleagues, during Tuesday evening’s routine council meeting, and following the meeting, Clugston initially told reporters he would not talk about his personal life.”



What will we do if our mayor is committing driving under the influence? Isn’t it alarming? The people whom we have trusted to implement our laws to have order in our communities become the violators. It is true that they are like us, they can commit grave mistakes, but the office that the person representing makes the crime exemplary. Alcohol will not exempt you whether you are a mayor, a governor, a senator, a president, a general of the army, if you drink and then drive you are inviting a case to yourself, driving under the influence. Or what will our students do if their principal committed driving under the influence? Certainly these cases will raise an alarm in us. Unlike DUI with popular personalities, driving under the influence of a principal is a relevant thing.

Broward County Middle School Principal Arrested for DUI

“A middle school principal has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence with a suspended license, an expired registration and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, according to Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Steven Johnson Williams, 46, a principal at Driftwood Middle School was arrested on Sunday…”


But there are people whom from their office we have trusted, that when we heard that they face a case in driving under the influence, we are shocked, and we will be frustrated that they lost their control on things. A bishop that committed driving under the influence that resulted into death is not only shocking, it is horrifying. A question might come into our minds, how can a man of God can do such a thing? DUI with popular personalities may not raise our concern but driving under the influence that result to death committed by a bishop is really horrifying.


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