While the final numbers for drunk driving arrests in Miami during the Memorial Day Week is not yet out, some states have already noted a decrease in DUI incidences as compared to the previous year. The drop in DUI charges may be attributed to the increase in police patrols and DUI stops. In this year’s preparation, police have introduced a plan “including a traffic loop, automated license plate scanning… and regular DUI checkpoints”

DUI arrests down during holiday weekend

In Tempe, Arizona, 410 people were arrested for DUI this weekend, a 25% drop from last years 547. This year showed the lowest number of DUI arrests since 2009. 1,305 officers and deputies participated in the enforcement event.

In California, the California Highway Patrol made fewer drunk driving arrests compared to 2012’s Memorial Day weekend. However, according an article which cites ABC News 10, while DUI arrests were down, fatal accidents were up.

“Across the state, [California Highway Patrol] officers made 826 DUI arrests over the weekend, down from 845 over the same period last year. A major part of increased drunk driving enforcement is to prevent auto accidents and save lives. However, authorities report that a dozen fatal accidents have occurred. (Only five such accidents occurred during the same weekend in 2012.)”

DUI Arrests still persist

While drunk driving charges were down this week, incidences were still relentless. Here are some of the drunk driving arrests that occurred over the weekend:

Fox News recently reported the incident involving Evan Rodriguez of the Chicago Bears when Illinois State Police ticketed Rodriguez for alleged driving under the influence. Rodriguez  is the fullback and tight end of the professional American football team Chicago Bears. According to the Fox, Rodriguez was ticketed on Interstate 90, near downtown Chicago, which is his second encounter with the police this year. The 24-year old Rodriguez was also charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer in Miami last March.

In West Virginia, six persons we’re charged for driving under influence over the last week. The list was headed by a Dingess man who was “arrested after he allegedly put a Mingo County Sheriff’s Deputy at risk while the deputy was performing his duties”. Most of the persons charged with DUI in the Mingo County failed for field sobriety tests and were driving with a license previously suspended for DUI.

In the city of Hoboken in New Jersey, at least four people were charged with driving under the influence in separate incidents that took place over the last weekend of May. Police in the Hudson County made several drunk driving arrests including one incident that allegedly occurred after a chase.

In Memphis, a prominent defense attorney was charged with DUI after police officers were called to a fight in a Target parking lot. Coleman Garrett, 70, accordingly has got into a fight with “girlfriend” 27-year-old Crystal Franklin who became upset after seeing another woman in Garrett’s truck. Police said Garrett smelled like alcohol and they found an empty bottle of vodka behind Garrett’s driver’s seat.

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