DUI A Most Serious And Common Traffic Violation

No One Gets Away Easily With DUI Violations

ARRESTED, DUI, Las VegasEach and every one adult has the right to drink alcoholic beverages once in a while. However, if you drink, never ever drive. Or else, you will be faced with DUI (Driving Under Influence) charges. Authorities will suspect that you are driving under the influence of alcohol if you would i.e. exceed the allotted speed limit. And if you are proven to be drunk driving based on some tests, then you will surely go to jail for drunk driving.

Whether you are an ordinary person, a teacher or a government employee, you are not safe from this charge. Here are some “unlikely” people who have been caught with such violations.

There are lots of police officers who have also been arrested for drunk driving. Timothy Rusk, a lieutenant with the Denver Police Department, was arrested for DUI and prohibited use of a firearm on January 4, 2012. According to police, Rusk was found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .176%, which is more than double the state’s legal limit of .08%. Court documents state that Rusk was released after posting a cash bond of $1,000. Rusk has had a few run-ins with law enforcement before, having been arrested for DUI back in 2004 as well as another charge for felony trespassing in 1999.

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Nina Thomas, 29, of the Norfolk Police Department was arrested for DUI and assault on January 9, 2012. Deborah Cox, of the Virginia State Police said that troopers responded to a crash on I-664 in Chesapeake early Wednesday morning when the incident occurred. When troopers arrived, they saw that Thomas had crashed her 2010 Scion into a guardrail, causing the car to spin around and face the wrong way down an exit ramp.

Read full article at http://www.dui.com/drunk-driving/norfolk-police-officer-arrested-for-dui-and-assault/.

If you are ever arrested and subsequently convicted of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) violation, you are in for a lengthy process with law enforcement, the judicial system, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Alcohol Treatment Programs, and your own budget. In the case of a DUI a law enforcement officer can put you through a field sobriety test and can arrest you on the spot.  In some states you can go immediately to jail for up to 24 hours, and upon conviction, be possibly sentenced for even more jail time.

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What a DUI Might Look LikeDoes it look like this?

Always remember that you should not drive when drunk or you will get a DUI. It is better to take a cab or have a friend or family member drive you home. This is better than having a criminal offense. But if by chance you’ve been arrested for DUI, it can be a very serious charge that can cause extreme trouble for you. DUI arrests have very serious consequences including very large fines, revoked licenses and even jail time.

How will you fight this charge? You need an experienced attorney who knows what to look for in your DUI arrest. An experienced attorney understands what to look for in your arrest with the officer, the breathalyzer test and any other equipment used in your arrest. Were the machines calibrated properly? Was the officer trained properly on how to use the machine and did he use it correctly during your arrest? There are many other little things that need to be questioned and if not answered correctly can result in your results being thrown out and your DUI case becoming much less severe. DUI cases can destroy lives and you need the best attorney to help you avoid horrible consequences. Contact us at 305-LAW-Firm or send us your details from our website.