Florida Drivers License Check

Florida Drivers License Check

The Importance of a Florida Drivers License Check

There are many reason why a driver’s check is essential to perform on a regular basis.  Among other reasons, a Florida driver’s license check allows you to rest and know your most essential form of identification is in good order.  In the event of an accident, a valid drivers license allows emergency officials to identify you. If you are involved in a car accident and are badly injured, and cannot communicate, first responders will search your wallet.   Your drivers license will help them to identify who you are.


So What’s in a Florida Drivers License Check?

Your driving records are included in a drivers license check.  This can be a factor in background checks, employment decisions, and court proceedings. Insurance companies look to them to evaluate your driving habits. So it’s important for you to know what’s on your own record.

Items that can be found on your driving record include:

  • Driver’s license status
  • License classifications and endorsements
  • Driving points
  • DUI/DWI convictions
  • Fees and citations owed
  • Expiration date of license
  • Traffic accidents
  • Moving violation convictions and fines
  • Safe and defensive driving courses attended

This information is private.  However, a potential employer will want a copy of your driving record.  You would need to authorize this with written permission.  But, in the case of an insurance company there is an “implied need” that doesn’t require written permission. Moreover, the insurer agrees to keep the information private. They would only use the information for business purposes.

For more information on the importance of a Florida drivers license check, please read here.


The Traffic Ticket Office Offer You a Free Florida Drivers License Check

Miami’s Traffic Ticket Office has issued “Traffic Ticket Office’s Amnesty Day” where, at no cost to you, we will investigate and research the details of your license.  Furthermore, we will offer you suggestions on how you may rectify issues which may arise on your drivers license.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Among the gains, your peace of mind.  Additionally,  your livelihood.   Because we care, our Miami traffic ticket attorneys are ready and willing to help you with this.


Why Call the Traffic Ticket Office

The Traffic Ticket Office assists you in finding simple and affordable solutions to your traffic issues. We help keep you on the road while helping you maintain a clean driving record. Our Miami traffic ticket attorneys have helped thousands of clients protect themselves from both the financial and practical burdens Miami traffic tickets cause. Allow us to represent you. Have an experienced lawyer fight your Miami traffic ticket as this has the potential of preventing many frustrations and hassles.

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