Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Traffic Ticket Office

2018 brought growth to the Traffic Ticket Office. This year saw the end of red-light traffic tickets.  Texting laws are being implemented around the state to better protect you, the driver.

The Traffic Ticket Office helps you resolve your traffic tickets, suspended licenses, DUI’s and other accident and traffic related matters.

“We’re your one-stop shop for traffic-related issues.  Regardless of whatever type of traffic ticket you may have, the Traffic Ticket Office can handle it for you,” per our senior partner, Attorney Scott Hidnert.  “We know you’re busy and value your time. As they say, ‘time is money’. We handle everything for you in one convenient location.”

As 2018 comes to a close, we thank you, our valued client, for having helped the Traffic Ticket Office achieve continued growth in order to better service you.


Why Call the Traffic Ticket Office?

The Traffic Ticket Office helps you resolve your traffic ticket issues. Would you attempt to represent yourself in court? We have over 25 years experience. We handle cases dealing with all sorts of Miami traffic violations. From speeding tickets, red light violations, DUI’s, suspended licenses, we can help you. We are even successful helping habitual offenders keep their licenses. Because of this, we know how to best represent your particular situation. As a result, we will clear your driver’s license.

The Traffic Ticket Office assists you in finding simple and affordable solutions keep you driving. We also help you maintain a clean driving record. Our traffic attorneys have helped thousands of clients protect themselves from both the financial and practical burdens traffic tickets can cause. Allow us to represent you. Have an experienced Miami traffic ticket lawyer fight on your behalf.

Call 305-LAW-FIRM (305-529-3476) today for your free consultation.

So, remember, STOP! Don’t Pay That Ticket!