We have previously featured articles about the ongoing red light camera debate, and is still discussing up until present the battle for its existence. But the real question is why drivers and other motorists hated the existence of Red Light Cameras when in fact it was originally implemented to provide safety. Why were cities and states trying to revise the system or worst to completely eliminate these traffic cameras? Recently, outrageous flaws were detected by many states, causing some of these states to block the use of traffic cameras. Majority says that it does not really help to lessen recorded crashes figures rather the cities way to get easy money.

Why Cities Hit the Brakes on Red Light Cameras


Cities have been hitting the brakes on red light cameras, and no wonder. Outrage over the devices is no longer limited to angry motorists facing hefty fines. Judges have now tossed tens of thousands of tickets. Newspapers and government inspectors have exposed deep flaws in many cities’ equipment and enforcement methods. And the former CEO of one of the two major camera manufacturers was indicted on bribery and other charges related to Chicago’s red light cameras.




For those who in the first place do not love the system, who argued that the system is flawed, found a great ally – our judicial system.  More people bring cases to their court jurisdiction letting the judges decide whether it is lawful or not, and most of them get the courts’ favor. The legality of the system was hit, and it is shaken to its core as more judges pronounce that ticketing violation through red light cameras is illegal. Is it the victory for one side? 

Anti-traffic camera bill speeds past Ohio legislature


Legislation seeking to effectively eliminate most traffic cameras in the state is headed to Gov. John Kasich’s desk after clearing a final Ohio Senate vote Thursday.

The passage of Senate Bill 342, by a 21-9 vote, comes after years of effort to ban the use of cameras to ticket motorists for speeding or running a red light.



The win over the debate is not a victory until the law and its system will be completely scrapped, so more people campaigned against red light cameras.  And by the power of the citizens’ opinion our lawmakers cannot avoid but to discuss the matter in the halls of legislatures.  The opinion of the ordinary citizen affects the battle of the red light camera system, whether they will continue to exist or be completely thrown down. In the halls of the legislature, a final debate will take place to decide whether the traffic cameras continue to reign or be ceased forever as it does not please our people.


Red Light Violation Miami

Illinois bills seek to banred-light cameras drivers hate


The fight over red-light cameras has landed in the Illinois Legislature, where lawmakers who say the recording devices are “dishonest” and fail to make driving safer are pushing to ban them in communities across the state.



Red-light cameras: Crash reducers or cash producers?


Since 2011, red-light cameras in Yonkers have brought in nearly $14 million — with about a third of that going to the company that runs the program and the rest to the cash-strapped city. Yet AAA New York has raised serious concerns about whether Yonkers’ intersections are any safer.


For those who hated the red light cameras their main argument is centered on the counter attack over the claim of the local towns and the makers of the system that its presence will make our roads safer. For them the red light camera system simply failed in protecting the citizens against crashes in the intersections and the system’s claim to provide a safety was never attained by these red light cameras along the streets. Motorists strongly believed that red light cameras do not really make the intersections any safer. Besides, we never feel too comfortable when someone is watching over us and somehow it is a violation of our basic privacy rights.

Fort Lauderdale red-light cameras suspended after court ruling


The ruling is the latest setback for the controversial cameras, which capture alleged traffic violations that lead to tickets in the mail. “The case went up to the Fourth District Court of Appeals, and they determined that the cities were unlawfully delegating their authority to a private company,” said Michael Lynch, an attorney with The Ticket Clinic.



Court says no to red-light camera tickets


Big changes could be coming to cities with red-light cameras after a Florida District Court of Appeals judge said it’s illegal for camera operators to issue citations to drivers.


What Happened to the Red Light Cameras in Coral Springs?


Back in 2010, the Commission voted unanimously to bring red light cameras to the City of Coral Springs, but after four years, the cameras have now quietly gone inactive.

Not only inactive, but all cameras have been removed.


We cannot deny that the presence of the red light camera systems made lot of our drivers pissed. Especially when receiving traffic tickets in the mail, it does create a problem.

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