Miami DUI

Miami DUI


Miami is a really fun city.  But not enough fun to get a Miami DUI.  The year-round great weather allows both natives and tourists alike to enjoy all the great outdoor activities taking place. Indoor and outdoor fun prevails throughout Miami’s eclectic and vibrant neighborhoods.  But, the fun has to stop somewhere.  It’s great to go out for a drink.  But, as you know, driving and driving don’t mix.  And the result of drinking and driving is being issued a DUI.



Believe it or not, according to the Miami New Times, Miami-Dade has the lowest penalization rate in Florida for traffic crimes such as DUI.  Why is this?  Because there excellent traffic ticket attorneys like the Traffic Ticket Office who are able to represent you in court and prevail on your behalf.

While both Miami day and night life conjures up images of festive times with great friends, unfortunately, many forego the safety precautions associated with the same.  It’s great to have holidays and reasons to enjoy the festivities.  But, it’s equally as important to remember to practice caution and take safety measures while enjoying your activities.

One alcoholic drink too many could have serious consequences to your life and the life of others. Is it really worth it?  Isn’t it easier to hand the keys off to someone else and have that person become your designated driver?


Why call the Traffic Ticket Office

Remember, too, should you be cited for a traffic violation, whether a Miami speeding ticket, reckless driving or even a Miami DUI, remember, the Traffic Ticket Office attorneys are here to help you. Our phone number is easy to remember, 305-LAW-FIRM. Contact us and we’ll help you.


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Did you get stopped while driving under the influence of alcohol? Please call the Traffic Ticket Office right away at 305-LAW-FIRM. Our knowledgeable attorneys will navigate any type of traffic ticket violation you receive.   We’ll take your stress and worry away. Moreover, paying that ticket is an admission of guilt, which will also increase your insurance rate for 7 years.

The Traffic Ticket Office assists you in finding a simple and affordable solution to keeping you on the road as well as maintaining a clean driving record. Our Miami traffic attorneys have helped thousands of clients protect themselves from the burdens traffic tickets cause. Allow us to represent you. Have an experienced Miami traffic ticket lawyer fight your traffic ticket. Call 305-LAW-FIRM today for your free consultation.