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Over 15 Years of Success with DUI charges – Miami DUI Lawyer

Do you need a Miami DUI Lawyer? The Traffic Ticket Office in Miami, Florida has been serving Miami since 1993. We have been successfully representing clients with their traffic tickets, including DUI and criminal traffic violations. We’ve built a strong reputation in the community through our extensive experience. We have helped people reduce their penalties and in some cases, have these dismissed altogether.

A DUI and DWI are More Complex Than Believed:

  • Did the officer have a reason to stop you?
  • Was there probable cause to issue a field sobriety test?
  • Could other reasons have led to a failed test?
  • Was the evidence obtained properly?
  • Was the test administered according to a precise procedure?

These are some of the questions from our Miami DUI Lawyers at Traffic Ticket Office. The Traffic Ticket Office defends you through an analytical approach. Our goals are not only to lessen the charges brought against you but to preserve your driving rights as well. If at all possible, we would aim to dismiss your case.

For DUI and DWI Cases: Call the Traffic Ticket Office:

Our Miami traffic ticket lawyers have handled hundreds of thousands of cases over a span of 15 years in South Florida. We help clients have their penalties reduced or have their cases dismissed altogether. Additionally, help our clients recover their driving privileges. We strive to return your life to normal.

Furthermore, we may file for a formal review hearing through the Department of Motor Vehicles. This way, your driving privileges may be temporarily restored, even while in the midst of a case. This must be done no later than ten days after your arrest.

It is our intent to offer you an efficient and effective alternative to serious penalties and expensive fines. So contact us online or call us at 305-LAW-FIRM (529-3476) to schedule an appointment with our Miami traffic ticket attorney.