Miami Pet Safety

Miami Pet Safety


Miami Pet Safety

Because we care about Miami Pet Safety, we have reprinted this piece from Cars.com.  We not only care about your safety, but we also care about the safety of your pet as well.

CARS.COM — Here at Cars.com, it’s no secret that we love cars – but we also love our pets. And since today is National Love Your Pet Day, we thought we’d do you a solid and round up some of our best pet-safety advice. After all, keeping our beloved canines, kitty cats and cockatoos safe in the car is just as important as keeping them safe at home.
Humans are required by law to wear a seat belt. Dogs aren’t.  Because of this, it can lead to driver distraction or greater harm in the event of a collision. However, there are products that address both potential dangers.  The Gunner Kennels’ G1 crate and the Clickit Sport dog harness we’ve tested for you do just this. We’ve also got tips for managing carsick and nervous dogs.  All of this will make for a more comfortable ride for everyone.
Some automakers are even throwing bones to pet owners in the form of available accessories to make traveling with pets easier. Think easy-to-clean flooring or mats, seat covers, entry and exit ramps, flip-up back seats and climate control, all of which serve to keep you and your favorite furry or fluffy friend happier and safer!

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