Did you receive a toll violation ticket in Miami, Florida at a certain time of the day? You typically have 30 days to resolve your offense from the day that ticket is issued to you. After that time frame, a Uniform Traffic Citation will be provided and the issue will be subject to prosecution.

This process is normally stressful not only to your pocket but also to your time and energy. Once the said Uniform Traffic Citation is released, you need to talk to a Florida traffic ticket lawyer that has competent experience regarding toll violation concerns. You need to do this as soon as possible since this is the best action that you can take to fight your ticket.

At Traffic Ticket Office, we see many cases where a motorist does not learn about the citation until they get the letter that their license as a driver is suspended. If you are one of those many who received such letters, do not panic. Once again, you have to get in touch with the Traffic Ticket Office since we have the best experience in handling violation offense cases.

We have the best experience in managing even the most complicated toll violation cases. We provide deep discounted rates for motorists’ that have actually encountered this type of traffic ticket. Aside from providing toll violation tickets services, our team of legal representatives has extensive experience with non-criminal traffic violations such as: CDL Issues, Driving License Issues, Driving Safety Issues, DUI, Habitual Traffic Offense, Reckless Driving, Red Light Camera, Red Light Violations and Speeding Tickets.

We focus on traffic ticket defense in areas throughout Miami, Florida. The initial assessment is free of charge so you do not need to worry. If after talking with us you choose to retain our offered services, we can assure you complete satisfaction. In many of the cases we’ve handled, we provide the clients with no points. Give us a call to discuss your Miami, Florida’s toll violation offense.