After you receive a traffic ticket…

It might be a good idea to contact the police officer after you’ve gotten a traffic ticket. By contacting the officer, you might increase your chances of getting out of a traffic ticket. Read more

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Tips to Beat a Traffic Ticket

“The officer still has the power to tear up your citation prior to your court date so contacting the officer may be worthwhile. You can get the officers contact information from the traffic ticket and arrange to meet with officer in person. Usually the officer will be willing to meet with you since they are a public servant. Prior to the meeting have a good reason why the officer should cancel your ticket.”

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The webpage of Maryland State Bar Association, Inc. asks you to decide whether you need a traffic lawyer or not. If you want to go to court and contest the traffic ticket, it suggests that you act decisively after receiving a traffic ticket:

“If you decide to hire a traffic ticket lawyer, you should do so before the date of trial. Everyone who has been charged with an offense subject to a jail term has the right to be represented by an attorney. An attorney can assist and prepare a defense; will know what evidence is legally admissible; what should be objected to during the trial and the different elements to a finding of guilty; assist in presenting mitigating circumstances if you enter a plea of guilty; and will know of alternative dispositions to jail or maximum penalties.”

From a cop’s perspective on traffic tickets: What to expect when you are stopped for a traffic ticket and how to fight it?

A former policeman shared his perspective on how to fight traffic tickets. Being a former police officer himself, he had issued countless traffic tickets to traffic offenders. Now that he’s a regular civilian, he’s on the other side of the fence. He shares his tips on how to beat traffic tickets on this video below.

Your Next Step to Fighting Traffic Tickets

The success of your case sometimes relies entirely on your attitude. By acting swiftly, you can minimize the inconvenience brought by a traffic ticket.  For concerns on Miami traffic fines consult our highly experienced traffic ticket lawyers.

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