Reckless driving is major moving traffic violation and is also typically punishable simply by penalties, imprisonment, and/or license suspension or perhaps revocation depending on their own jurisdictions. Extreme speed alone is sufficient to get a  reckless driving conviction in certain jurisdictions such as Virginia. The Washington Nationals outfielder Jason Werth seemed to be driving a little too fast causing him to stay for 10 days and nights throughout jail for driving recklessly.


Nats’ Werth pleads guilty, will serve 5 days for reckless driving 


Werth was convicted last month in Fairfax County and sentenced to 10 days in jail, but appealed his conviction to Circuit Court.


Off-Duty Officer Among 2 Killed in a Wrong-Way Crash on Staten Island


A car carrying three off-duty New Jersey police officers who had been at a Staten Island strip club hurtled the wrong way down an expressway early on Friday before colliding head-on with a tractor-trailer, killing one officer and another person in the car, the authorities said.




Reckless drivers face bigger fines


On Sunday new Texas driving laws went into effect, substantially increasing fines for hit-and-run drivers, use of cellphones around schools, failure to stop for school buses and slowing down for road work crews. The higher fee structures won’t magically stop all bad driving behavior, but they should make some motorists think twice about engaging in risky behavior while behind the wheel.



Keeping our public roads safe is a never-ending endeavor in addition to being a risky job for every transportation department. Larger fines will be given to reckless drivers that make an effort to overlook the rules of the highway. With that being said, higher fines for these reckless drivers are just appropriate to protect every single being that can get involved in such a situation which boils down to – save lives.

Man, 24, trying to protect kids from reckless driver fatally shot, Miami cops say


Police said that’s when Holt, concerened for the safety of the children, shouted at the people inside the Mustang.  A shot rang out from inside the car and struck Holt in the head, according to police.




Editorial: Caution, reckless driver ahead


This sense of detachment, the “this will never happen to me” attitude, creates a sense of recklessness that we, the editorial board, see in Lehigh students. Often they feel as though the rules of safe driving don’t apply to them. They zip around the curves of campus in their cars. They get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking, telling themselves it’s okay for them to drive because they’ve only had a couple beers. They pull out their phones and proceed to answer a text message while driving up and down the hill. Almost all students are guilty of one of these offenses.


Remember, even if your driving behavior did not fit one of the many individual definitions of reckless driving, you could be charged under the catch-all statute if you’re driving in a sense that endangered people or property, whether it may or may not cause an accident or property damage.

You, like all drivers charged with committing a moving violation/ reckless driving, have the right to contest any ticket or driving citation. At Traffic Ticket Office we have experienced lawyers who will defend you in any traffic violation case. Call 305-LAW-FIRM or contact our traffic lawyers.