The battle over the red light cameras existence still goes on, and our lawmakers are making some fine tuning on the law that governs red light cameras. With the proposed bill the state is trying to give a win-win situation for both the motorists and the local government that implements the law on red light cameras.The red light cameras will not be taken out but putting provisions to limit its power. The question now will be, is it acceptable to both the motorists and the local government?

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House proposal revisits red-light camera law


Despite opposition from local governments, a House panel Wednesday approved a plan that would revamp the state’s red-light camera law, including giving a pass to motorists who turn right on red without stopping”



The present situation is that not all are happy with the red light cameras, and there are lawmakers who are after its elimination. Most of these lawmakers reasoned that the red light cameras failed to make our streets more safe than without it, and it only become cash cows for our local governments. But not all would agree with that, local executives still hold on to the belief that red light cameras definitely serve their purpose, and that without it, our roads are more dangerous than ever. But that belief is contrary to the facts revealed by government studies that show that there are more accidents happening on intersections with red light cameras. So the question remains, Safety or Revenue?

Florida lawmaker looks to eliminate red-light cameras


“A state lawmaker is trying to make it more difficult to operate red-light cameras and install new ones throughout Florida in legislation introduced last week, saying the cameras are merely cash cows that don’t actually increase safety.”

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2015/03/12/5683916/florida-lawmaker-looks-to-eliminate.html#storylink=cpy


The future of the red light cameras are not sure. Motorist may be angry at the fact that they have been photographed violating the law without even knowing it, but for the state and local government it’s the better and cheaper way than having a trooper in site. Some local executives believe that if you abide by the law, the red light cameras will not be a problem for you. But for motorists it is a violation of their right, and to challenge it, they are asking if the presence of red light cameras improves safety. If not, then they are useless.

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Red-Light Camera Debate Is a Stew of Anger, Revenue and Safety


“If there were signs up, yes, I’d feel differently,” said Dan Rosenbaum after he received his camera-based ticket for an infraction in Brooklyn.

Mr. Rosenbaum’s reaction is common among drivers who question whether the cameras are deployed to prevent accidents or to generate revenue. The absence of a caution sign can raise suspicions.”


But locally our courts are striking the presence of red light cameras, the courts pronounced them illegal, the battle that ends the presence of red light cameras in some counties.


Fort Lauderdale halts red-light cameras – for now


Earlier this year, Boca Raton pulled the plug on its cameras. And other cities, including Hollywood, might soon be following suit. Hallandale Beach, Margate, Coral Springs and unincorporated Palm Beach County have already discontinued red-light cameras.”


But what happens to Chicago? Most local executives are fighting for the presence of red light cameras, but in Chicago no less than the mayor acts on the future of red light cameras.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Removes 50 Red Light Cameras


Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Sunday the removal of 50 red light cameras at 25 intersections where the number of crashes has fallen. These cameras stopped issuing tickets at 12:01 am on Friday, March 6.”



With the present situation discussions are still going on about the future of red light cameras, but one thing is sure for now, the cameras are still out there and if you violate traffic rules they will still photograph you and you have a problem. Whenever you are facing problems on red light violations, it would be wise and economical if you will ask legal advice. Don’t take any case for granted, you do not know where it will take you. At Traffic Ticket Office we have experienced lawyers who will defend you in any traffic violation case. Call 305-LAW-FIRM or contact our traffic lawyers