Miami red light violationYesterday I was pointed to following news about a red light violation scam:

East Tennessee phone scammers pretending to be police officers
WATE-TV, on Thu, 29 May 2014 14:36:21 -0700
… recently fallen victim to the phone scam. “People were calling and claiming that they were a representative of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office had contacted them and told them that they were in violation of the red light camera violation,” said Lt

It reminded me of that case in LA I read on the Mint blog:
“.. It turns out that this organization issues thousands of tickets (and earns millions of dollars a year) through these bogus tickets. A high percentage of people pay the ticket when they receive it, and feel lucky that their driving record won’t be affected.”

Study Questions Effectiveness of Red Light Violation Cameras in Preventing Accidents

“.. A report released on Thursday says that U.S. cities are trading safety for profits when they outsource traffic enforcement to red light violation and speed camera vendors. The report, by the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), is titled “Caution: Red Light Cameras Ahead; The Risks of Privatizing Traffic Law Enforcement and How to Protect the Public.”

According to U.S. PIRG:

‘Too many cities wrongly sign away power to ensure the safety of citizens on the roads when they privatize traffic law enforcement. Automated traffic ticketing tends to be governed by contracts that focus more on profits than safety,’ said Phineas Baxandall Ph.D., the Senior Analyst for Tax and Budget Policy at the Public Interest Research Group and a co-author of the report.

The report found that close to 700 communities throughout the U.S. use automated traffic law enforcement, for which they have contracts with private companies who operate the cameras and issue tickets to drivers. Traffic engineering alternatives, like increasing the time that yellow traffic lights are on, are often the most effective way to reduce injuries from red-light running, the report says.

But such solutions are often ignored because the cities are more focused on the revenue the tickets bring in. If the yellow lights ran for a longer time, fewer people would run the lights, and fewer tickets would be issued…”

Just some more samples..

If you are visiting this page, you most likely got a red light ticket. ….. due process, red light scam tickets, and basic resistance to corrupt government.

(Fighting) Your Ticket – Red Light Cameras in California
This section is about a scam perpetrated by your local police – and that is why it works so well. They mail out fake red lighttickets” to fool registered …

Red light camera ticket scam suspect extradited – ActionNewsJax.com
Feb 5, 2014 CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — The Georgia woman accused of conspiring with a prison inmate to conduct a red light ticket scam will appear in court …

EDITORIAL: Traffic-ticket camera kickback scam hits red light …
May 16, 2014 EDITORIAL: One traffic-ticket camera kickback scheme hits a red light … associated press Snow-covered traffic lights caused a fatal accident …

Public Scam or Safety Measure? Red Light Camera Programs …
Mar 17, 2014 Red light cameras are sold as safety devices but increasingly, the public sees them as money-making scams that can actually make roads less …

.. this should be enough! Why don’t they stop fooling the public? And they encourage scammers all over the country to exploit innocent citizens.

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