Examples Of Red Light Violations

Did you happen to have Red Light Violations? Should you know that this kind of traffic violation is very dangerous, there has been many accidents around the street that relate to Red Light Violations. Below are examples of Red Light Violations.

This short video is a collection of violations captured on the City of Aurora Photo Red Light Camera System. The video clips show the dangers associated with running red lights. The system has also provided video evidence of traffic crashes that has helped investigators recreate crashes that have occurred at those intersection.

1. White van in #2 lane runs light nearly hitting two cars coming from the right.

2. Car in #3 lane runs light hitting car coming from the right.

3. Nighttime, car in #1 lane runs light and hits car coming from the left.

4. Nighttime, car in #2 lane runs light and gets hit by car coming from the left.

5. Car in #2 lane runs light near miss by car from the left.

6. Dark car in #1 lane runs light and hits motorcycle coming from the left.

7. Nighttime robbery suspect in #2 lane runs the light nearly hitting the Hummer coming from the right. Police in pursuit, used video to enhance the charges against the robber.

8. Video used to determine fault in accident. Car coming toward camera has right of way (can see opposing green light. SUV from left ran red light. Both drivers claimed they had the green light. Video showed SUV at fault.

9. Car in #1 lane runs light hitting car making left turn coming from the right.

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