This would be a great news for every motorists in the country. We know that Speeding Ticket continues to give us headache many times along the way.

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Speed Limit Reform Died Last Year but May be Revived

"Jim Walker, the executive director of the NMA, says that the proposals offered last year “would be the best speed limit laws in the nation. They would wipe out virtually every speed trap.” He also called the original form of last session’s proposals “pretty scientific.

Lawmakers have heard numerous complaints since Public Act 85 of 2006went into effect. The intent of that law was to eliminate the random setting of speed limits that fail to consider the 85th percentile of speed in free-flowing traffic. According to traffic engineers, when speed limits are set scientifically, they eliminate “speed variation,” a factor that can increase the risk of a crash. ..."


With this development we have to be watchful and we need to always remeber that whatever the case we will be involved in especially traffic tickets, there are firms who specializes on these matter.

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