Over the years roads have become unsafe for everyone, most importantly for kids and workers – students and road workers. Speeding tickets have been one of the top most citations being issued for so long and you know the scary thing is that speeding can lead you to other traffic tickets such as reckless driving and more if the officer feels like in the mood – checking every single aspect that they can use against you.


School buses caught on camera running red lights, speeding in Chicago


“Team uncovered hundreds of school bus safety violations, with nearly 200 buses running red lights and speeding on Chicago’s streets. … Speeding is an even bigger problem with 178 violations. … Park caught 23 buses speeding by, 17 of them at more than 11 miles over the speed limit. … 



Stop for speeding leads to discovery of syringes, child in Clinton Township


“A Middlesex woman speeding on Route 31 was found to have syringes and a young child in her car …  After observing it traveling 72 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone, Schlesier pulled over the car on Route 31 south near Hibbler Road. … Patrolman Drew MacQueen pulled over a 2010 Ford Taurus driven by Alexander Brovich, 21, on Route 31 north near Route 173 for having a brake …” 



DOT, State Police Look to Crack Down on Work Zone Speeding


” The WVDOT is teaming up with West Virginia State Police to increase speed enforcement, … “The main goal is to simply have people just slow down,” said WVDOT Spokesperson, Brent Walker. … Police won’t pull people over in a work zone, because of safety issues, but they will give tickets to anyone caught ignoring the speed limit.” 



Parents outraged by speeding cars near school bus stops in West – WFSB 3 Connecticut


“Parents said they are furious over drivers speeding by their kids’ stopped school bus on one residential road in West Hartford. “Folks driving upwards of 50 to 55 mph on a residential street is very upsetting,” said Shiyrah Suplita, who lives on Fern Street.

“You would think that when the bus lights are on, they should be able to cross the street safely, and that’s not the case,” Taylor said. …”



Speeding driver caught undertaking police car at 94mph tells officers he was ‘rushing to S Club 7 …


“A driver who undertook a police car at 94mph told officers he was speeding because he had to get to an S Club 7 gig. … An officer said: “Ford Focus speeding on M5 & undertook our unmarked … The driver was pulled over as part of the force’s Operation Vortex in which …”



Reasons and excuses will always be there, but never take the risk of putting your life in danger, nor the people with whom we share the roads. Speeding should never be our option at any cost.

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