Being in a hurry is something a driver should never use as a reason of speeding up. Over speeding is a fact that you can always manage – choose to manage it anyways. Anyone can have emergency stuffs like rushing for a meeting, a date, a party and even medical emergencies. On the other hand, a driver cannot just do over speeding for an emergency while taking the risk of causing another emergency. Your life is important, so as the life of the other people on the road.

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$20 speeding ticket or constitutional issue? Judge will decide

The Kansas man is fighting a $20 Montana speeding ticket, contending it wasn’t deserved, … “And I am too. Fighting for the constitution isn’t always fighting the Redcoats on the Lexington Green. It’s fighting over a $20 speeding ticket in Butte, Montana.”… Jarnot figures he’s spent $3,000 plus about 40 hours of his own time on the ticket so far. If he loses in traffic court, …


New Indiana law requires drivers not speeding to move over


A new Indiana law could mean tickets for drivers obeying the speed limit in the left hand lane. … They’re making unsafe lane changes to get around that slower moving vehicle and that creates problems and sometimes that creates crashes. Here in Indiana, violators could pay up to a $500 ticket. Some drivers say regardless of the fine, it is unenforceable and wrong. …The law doesn’t apply to bad weather situations or traffic jams. …



Although it happens that you are being pulled over for some faulty speeding tickets and other traffic violations, let us try to see the brighter side on why you are being pulled over. Officers on the road are doing huge tasks every single day trying to protect the people on the road you are sharing with, and whether you believed it or not, they are trying to protect you.

Speeding and phones put our drivers at risk

AUTHORITIES are urging motorists to drive safely this weekend – following yesterday’s Fatality Free Friday… “We detect drink drivers every week on average, either driving just over the limit or sometimes five to six times over the limit,” Act Snr Sgt Reid said.”… Police are also urging drivers to remember to take breaks every two hours when driving and to ensure they are awake and alert on the roads. Try to avoid driving during times of the day when you would usually sleep. …


Speeding less than 10 mph over limit would cost less under bill


Do you occasionally sneak a few miles over the posted speed limit? … Now a state lawmaker wants to expand that law to cover all posted highway speed limits except in protected zones such as… “Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors in a car crash,” said Linda Gorman… Valerie Vinyard, spokeswoman for AAA Arizona, said lawmakers should instead be changing the law so these types of speeding violations add points to a person’s license or count toward insurance rates. …


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Eastborough police say longtime 20 mph limit isn’t meant as speed trap


It’s a speed trap, and police officers will pull over anyone who drives 5 miles over the posted 20 mph speed limit. … Speeding fines do not play a significant role in the city’s budget, Eastborough mayor David Anderson said. In 2015, Eastborough’s budget was … “We give out more warning tickets than we do actual speeding tickets, and most of the tickets we give have nothing to do with speeding,” Anderson said. “Speeding maybe becomes a reason people get stopped, and then we find out they don’t have insurance or they have a suspended license or a warrant out for their arrest. …


Never underestimate what speeding tickets can do, at the same time, never allow yourself to give way into danger. By chance that you have been issued one, defend yourself and contest your speeding ticket with traffic lawyers who have been dealing with it on a regular basis. At Traffic Ticket Office we have these experienced traffic lawyers who will defend you in any traffic violation case. Call 305-LAW-FIRM or contact our traffic lawyers.