Super Bowl in Miami

Super Bowl in Miami


Super Bowl Weekend in Miami

With individual tickets starting at upwards of $4,000 most will be watching the Super Bowl remotely.  Whether you’re at the big game in person or you’re at a Super Bowl party, Super Bowl weekend in Miami is sure to be a success.  Who’s your favorite, the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs? With J-Lo and Shakira set to entertain us during halftime, we’re certain to have a great show.

Known to many as the sporting event of the year in the USA, this year’s finale of all football games is sure to excite us all. Parties around Miami will abound.  And as you already know, traffic has been horrendous all week.  Keep in mind, however, the police will also be patrolling popular hangouts and streets ready to write tickets.


Have Fun But Be Careful

Enjoy yourselves, but make certain to also designate someone to drive in case you have one too many drinks.  Or, you may also call ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft to transport you accordingly.

Whatever you choose to do, be mindful and careful.

If you’d like to check the Super Bowl weekend of schedule and activities, check here.

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