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Let’s first look at the most common reasons why you could get your drivers license suspended.

6 Most Common Ways to Get Your Drivers License Suspended
We break down some of the most common ways for drivers to lose their licenses. Insurance for the modern world. By simply driving safely and obeying the rules of the road, you can cut your chances of losing your license in half. Driving without a license is illegal and can be a costly mistake.

You think this can never happen to you?
In fact most license suspensions occur when drivers failed to pay their traffic tickets.

Suspended drivers license – KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest
The Department of Licensing on Monday introduced a new tool to help them get their licenses back. Nearly 300,000 Washington drivers currently have suspended license because they failed to pay their traffic tickets. Suspended drivers given help to get back on the road, legally. Most Active Stories. Connect with Us.

A typical court record:

5th District Court News: Twin falls County
Twin Falls Times-News, on Sun, 17 Aug 2014 00:07:30 -0700
Adam Kenneth Craig, 21, Twin Falls; DUI, $500 fine, $400 suspended, $202.50 costs, $75 public defender, 90 days jail, 88 suspended, one day credited, eight hours work detail, 90 days restricted drivers license, 12 months probation with six months to be …

Public records: court report
The Newark Advocate, on Sat, 16 Aug 2014 17:22:30 -0700
Branstool ordered Traylor to complete 150 hours of community service, pay all court costs and fees and a $5,000 fine and suspended driver’s license for one year. Jonathan J. Fox, 21, last known address 133 Clayburn Drive, Pataskala, was sentenced

How to beat a charge of driving on a suspended license

In any case, whether you are in danger of getting your license suspended or you were caught driving with a suspended license, my best advice is to call your traffic ticket lawyer to take immediate action. Driving with suspended drivers license is a serious and costly offense, and you surely want to be able to drive again as soon as possible. If you are in South Florida call our traffic lawyers at 305-LAW-FIRM or write us a line or two.