Driving on Suspended License? What You Should Know

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DUI Attorney’s License Suspended

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An East Providence attorney who specializes in DUI cases has had her driver’s license suspended after being charged with drunk driving for the second time in a year. Layne Savage’s license was suspended last Thursday, Jan. 24, by a Traffic Tribunal

Weed Found During Traffic Stop: Police Blotter

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Suspended license and expired registration. Eric Cervantes, 18, of the 400 block of Sycamore Street, was stopped in his car at Route 30 and Gougar Road after police spotted the expired registration. He was ticketed for the traffic violations. Punctured

Car Insurance CardCan I get car insurance with a suspended license?

Enough of the bad news! It happens everyday; only the famous get into the news, right? – If you want to get better equipped with knowledge about how to defend yourself in case of driving on a suspended license, read on..

You have been charged for driving with a suspended license? But you do not have enough information about such a kind of traffic violation? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that may help you understand about suspended licenses:

What Is a Suspended License?  For any number of violations ranging from a DUI to too many speeding tickets, a driver may be subject to license suspension or revocation. License suspension is by no means a slap on the wrist.  In an age when you need your car to perform any number of regular daily actions, license suspension can change a person’s life. Although states have different specific statutes on license suspension, they all have severe penalties. Much like any kind of probation, violation of a license suspension will result in far stiffer penalties and possible license cancellation. If you have had your license suspended, you do have options. Discuss your situation with a qualified local attorney. Read full article here

Driver’s license in the United States

In the United States , driver’s license s are issued by each individual state drivers with revoked or suspended licenses The table below

Florida Suspended Drivers License Information and Procedures at …

What is Driving with a Suspended License? Driving while suspended is a serious offense. The legal rules involved are complex and are frequently changed or affected by the DMV, the legislature and the courts. If you are charged with misdemeanor driving while suspended or felony driving while suspended or revoked, it is an extremely serious crime. Even if the matter is being treated as a violation, a citation can be very expensive and cause future problems with your license. If you are charged with driving while suspended, you should immediately consult with an attorney, especially if the case is being prosecuted as a criminal matter. Check out here.

What Happens when you Drive with a Suspended License? The law allows an officer to use discretion when making the decision to arrest you at the time of the traffic stop. Your level of cooperation and the reason for your suspension(s) often dictates whether you are arrested by the officer. The officer is instructed to confiscate your license and make sure that your vehicle is either towed or released to someone with a valid license. Depending on the county in which you received the citation, you may already know your first court date. In larger counties like Hillsborough, you receive paperwork telling you that you need to go the clerk’s office and request your own court date. The advantage of hiring a lawyer is that you can leave the initial headache of requesting a court appearance to our office. Read full article here.


Suspended License Issues Need Professional Attention


It is not advised to deal with this kind of violation on your own. Get the help of traffic ticket attorneys. We can help you at Traffic Ticket Office when you contact us at 305-LAW-Firm or send us your details anytime.

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