There are many reasons why a Florida driver’s license may get suspended. With today’s post I just like to make aware of the various facts which can lead up to a license suspension.

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Florida Demerit Point System

Probably the most commonly known cause for getting a driver license suspended is the system of demerit or penalty points on your driving record which means that for every traffic violation you collect penalty points according to a certain plan. E.g. a few speeding tickets are enough to lose your driving privilege.

Failure to Pay a Traffic Ticket

You may face a suspended license whenever you fail to pay for a valid traffic citation. Do not assume that the law maybe on your side. Better fight every traffic ticket before you fall prey. Even after many years a court may dig out your past traffic citations as in following sample, published just this past Monday.

In some cases, drivers may not have paid the original ticket. But Paul Fox, Jr. of West Seneca thought it was already taken care of when he got two old tickets that are 20 years old in the mail…
That notification put him on edge. The state DMV says Fox has 30 days to pay the fines for his old tickets or his Commercial Drivers License (CDL), which is necessary for his job, will be suspended…
Fox says, “They suspend my license, I lose my job. Now I can’t find a job, I am collecting unemployment. I’ve got to collect food stamps, and that is taxpayers’ money out of their pockets to support me.”  Credits: DMV hitting drivers with “zombie” traffic citations | Buffalo News

Paid my traffic ticket late and found out my license is suspended ...Paid my ticket late and found out my license is suspended …

Failure to meet Minimum Vision Standards

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI)

The next two, however, have nothing to do with driving:

Suspended License for Failure of Child Support Obligations

A relatively underutilized law allows Courts to suspend the driver’s license privileges of child support obligors who fail to meet their obligations. Common misconceptions about the law are that in order to suspend the license … Credits: Failure to Pay Child Support Could Mean Suspended Driver’s License

Drug Abuse Can Cause Suspended License in Florida

The Florida law mandates a drivers license suspension, if you have been convicted guilty of a listed drug charge. That includes for example possession of marijuana. If you need to get more details you can read at The 2013 Florida Statutes.

Fight Every Traffic Ticket in the First Place

Listen to House Speaker Will Weatherford, a Republican from Wesley Chapel, who couldn’t believe how often the state suspends drivers’ licenses: It happened to nearly 700,000 people last year…..

“If you go look at the data, they didn’t pay a fine,” Weatherford said. “They forgot to show up in court. They didn’t pay their child support. There’s this snowball effect. They lose their driver’s license. Now they can’t get to work. They get pulled over on a suspended driver’s license. Now they go to jail. Now they owe $4,000. It creates poverty. It holds people down.”

A total of 685,489 drivers in Florida had their licenses suspended in the fiscal year that ended last June. The law allows for a “business purposes only” license in some cases, but not for people who lose their licenses because they failed to pay fines.
And 167,000 of those suspensions had nothing to do with driving.
Bousquet writes on how quick his home state of Florida is to impose the potentially crippling, to the working poor, punishment of driver’s license suspension. He hits you upfront with what that too-often means to the punished. Credits: Drivers License Suspensions Slamming the Working Poor …

Another problem that may follow is that your records may show as habitual traffic offender.

Do you want to end up like this young man with a suspended license?

Reinstate Your Florida Drivers License

A bill lessening some of the requirements for people to get their suspended Florida driver’s license reinstated passed a significant House committee unanimously Tuesday. Credits: Bill loosening rules on suspended driver’s licenses passes key ..

Whatever your case may be, don’t let it come to your license being suspended. Contact us for any traffic violation or give us a call at 305-LAW-FIRM.