Florida courts have little patience for intoxicated drivers. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, accidents involving alcohol or drugs is an ongoing concern for 2015. The statistics for alcohol related road fatalities is a statistic which should be reduced, which is why law enforcement is cracking down on drunk and drugged driving.

Driving and Drinking

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense in the state of Florida. If you are facing DWI charges, it is important that you take the necessary steps to defend your interests. Call a DUI lawyer 305-LAW-FIRM or contact our traffic lawyers to learn your options.

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Driving under the influence of drugs creates threats to public safety and we all see that based on the growing numbers as evidenced of fatal crashes each year in our state or in bigger scope – our country. NHTSA recently published a press release about “Two New Studies on Impaired Driving on U.S. Roads (http://www.nhtsa.gov/About+NHTSA/Press+Releases/2015/nhtsa-releases-2-impaired-driving-studies-02-2015). They have clearly described that drunken driving declines, while drug use behind the wheels rises.

Here are two common defenses for charges of intoxicated driving:

DWI under Discomfort
Florida courts identify that there are times when the accused might have driven intoxicated since an individual compelled them to do so. If you had no alternative however to climb up behind the wheel, this protection might help you if were in danger at the time. If you could show that you remained in real worry for your life, you might have the ability to utilize this protection.

DWI Was Entrapment
Entrapment takes place when law enforcement officers purposely deceive individuals right into doing something prohibited to improve their apprehension as well as conviction. If a policeman stated you were all right to drive to your destination, as an example, and afterwards jailed you around the bend, you can declare entrapment. You will certainly have to has definitive proof of the policeman’s activities, however, as well as reveal that under typical scenarios, you would certainly not have actually decided to drive.

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