Toll Violations: Do You Want to Contest Them?


If your car has been stolen, you would not want it to be recovered just to see that you have been charged for toll violation, right? You will pretty sure want to clear your name from such violation as this could mean that you have to pay for such charges. So, you would want to contest such toll violation to the proper authorities. We can help you out with charges on toll violations when you call 305-LAW-Firm.

You can contest toll violation charges for a number of valid reasons. These could be:

  • The vehicle was sold;
  • The vehicle was stolen;
  • The vehicle owner is divorced and the violation is the fault of an ex-spouse;
  • The vehicle owner has died;
  • A replacement transponder is not working;
  • The vehicle was repossessed;
  • The person receiving the notice is not the registered owner.

More information can be viewed at http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20121105/news/711059798/.

Violations are generated after three missed tolls in a two-year period. Cameras installed at toll plazas photograph license plates as vehicles pass and one of those images will be available online for people with violation notices to verify.

If there’s a mistake, drivers can chose from one of two options: “plate incorrect” and “missing image.” Disputed fines will be reviewed by Illinois State Toll Highway Authority staff and decisions sent by email. Previously, reviewing license plates took time as customers had to contact the tollway and ask to review the images, which were available by mail, email or in person.

Check out http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20110425/news/704259958/ for additional info.

“When I opened it, I see my license is going to be suspended,” said Mitchell.  I’ve never driven in Miramar. I don’t even know how to get there.”…More at Apopka woman to make 3-hour trip to defend controversial SunPass ticket in Miami – WFTV Orlando

In the past, contesting toll violations was quite a hassle because they would need to go to a tollway or go to a customer service center to make contest their toll violation charges. Fortunately, because of the advancements in technology and the conscious efforts of the traffic divisions, people can now contest such violations through the internet. Now, the customers of the Illinois tollway can contest toll violations at illinoistollway.com, where they will download a form, attach the required documentation and return it to the Tollway for review. The changes will help about 2,000 motorists per month, the agency said in a release.

“For the first time, the Tollway is clearly defining for our customers the circumstances in which contesting a toll violation is acceptable,” Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur said in the release. “This new improved process gives our customers the ability to make their case and contest the toll violation as quickly and effortlessly as possible.”



Not All Toll Violations Are Actual Toll Violations


Bill Doyle recently got a violation for not paying a toll. Funny enough, Bill was at work, co-hosting the Deminski & Doyle program at the exact time the ticket claims Bill decided to skip the toll. He thinks it may be have been his wife… More at Toll Booth Violation Nightmares

“No one else is using my car.

The photo i received of the plate number was one very distinct number off. I even used a jewelers loop, magnifying glass, everything.

Plus the lights are ROUND & the photo had rectangular or bar lights.

We were all here at home in PA for Memorial Day. This says i was in New Jersey.

Can anyone tell me any advice or what not to say or do? I’m ticked off & am afraid of digging a hole….” More at Fined For Toll Violation & There Was No Way I Was There?

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