toll violations

toll violations


Unpaid Toll Violations Can Impact Your Driver’s License

Toll violations have a way of creeping up on you unexpectedly. Much like red light traffic violations, toll violations are issued to you by mail. Because of this,  toll violations have a habit of being set aside with other mail. Consequently, they go unnoticed.

This action could be very costly. Should they go unnoticed or unanswered, toll violations could have a dramatic impact not only on your car insurance, but on your driver’s license, too. If left unpaid, your driver’s license may even be suspended.

Why chance it?

If you’ve forgotten to add money to your Sunpass badge, and as a result, may receive a traffic ticket, be proactive.  Because you may be issued a traffic ticket, call the lawyers at the Traffic Ticket Office , the ticket clinic on 103 street.  If you ignore the matter, it will only get worse.  You don’t want your license to be suspended.

Let the Traffic Ticket Office Help You Today

Don’t pay those toll violations, speeding tickets or traffic violations! For $69, the Traffic Ticket Office, also known as the ticket clinic 103rd street, will represent you in court and handle the matter for you. Our knowledgeable attorneys will navigate any type of traffic ticket violation you receive.   We’ll take your stress and worry away. Moreover, paying that ticket is an admission of guilt, which will also increase your insurance rate for 7 years.

The Traffic Ticket Office assists you in finding a simple and affordable solution to keeping you on the road as well as maintaining a clean driving record. Our Miami traffic attorneys have helped thousands of clients protect themselves from the burdens traffic tickets cause. Allow us to represent you. Have an experienced Miami traffic ticket lawyer fight your traffic ticket. Call 305-LAW-FIRM today for your free consultation.