Police trooper writing a ticket

Traffic tickets are generally considered small offences and often are not taken seriously. Taking traffic tickets lightly can result in higher insurance rates and beside financial burdens could end up with serious consequences. You should always consult your trusted traffic attorneys before taking any action, but also not wait until you are under pressure. Our advise: Immediately call 305LAW-Firm when facing a traffic ticket.

Avoid situations like the following which even a long term judge fell victim to:

Meyers received a 1988 speeding ticket in Virginia that wasn’t resolved, and he was found guilty in absentia. Meyers acknowledged that he was taking classes at the University of Virginia at the time, but didn’t recall the ticket….More at Arrest warrant issued for Fort Worth judge from unpaid 2008 speeding ticket – Dallas Morning News

Traffic tickets can carry consequences including: license suspension, car insurance increases, fines, and even jail time….More at Traffic Ticket Consequences.


Traffic Ticket: What To Do Now?


WSP Stop near Walla Walla

If kindness towards the officer still results in a ticket, there are other strategies that can be used to beat a traffic ticket. If a motorist truly feels that a sign was hidden from view, or in any other way was not easily seen by passing …More at How to Beat a Traffic Ticket – Totorus

You may have a friend or relative who could ask an officer who issued you a traffic ticket for help. Maybe put in a good word or help get the ticket dismissed….More at Can I Ask A Police Officer For A Traffic Ticket Favor? | NY Ticket Help

Not all serious?

“Everything from traffic tickets to homicide reports, all of these things must be done in the way that the police department wants it to be done and no other way. A rookie is told that if you deviate from the Academy teachings …More at It’s Very Difficult to Write a Traffic Ticket When You’re Laughing

The good news about todays traffic we kept for last:

“As anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area can tell you, the worse the traffic is, the better the economy usually is. And traffic in Silicon Valley now is bad. Not as bad as during the dot-com era, but still it’s bad.

The company’s new monthly Inrix Gridlock Index (IGI) analyzes the traffic in ten of the largest U.S. cities and finds that traffic gridlock has been increasing since July 2012, although it is still way down from 2010. Inrix compares this traffic data to unemployment data in these cities and shows that the more jobs there are, the more traffic there is….More at Bad News: Traffic Jam. Good News: Economy’s Revving Up

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