We cannot find the true value of a traffic ticket until we will lose our job like this man. So whenever you will find yourself in this real situation you need the best advice from a traffic ticket lawyer, of course you will never know how far or how long this traffic ticket will cost you.

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12 OYS: Father loses job over speeding ticket paid 17 years ago


“I couldn’t drive. Insurance regulations wouldn’t let me drive. There was something on my background,” said Nettles. So, because he could not drive, his employer said he could not work. He went to get a copy of his South Carolina driving record dating back to 2011. That is when he noticed a problem.

There are times that what we really need is the best advice from a traffic ticket lawyer, certainly the situation costs him more than the money he would pay for our services.

DMV says once a ticket has gone through the court system, you are basically out of luck. But, you can take your complaint to a judge in the original court and ask to have it removed.

Our traffic ticket lawyers can first of all help you not to get the ticket into the records, and in case can also help you remove records for you.