Traffic Violation – Are You Exempted?

Traffic violations are all offenses against traffic laws. They have various scenarios, reasons and consequences. Hardly anyone participating in the traffic can say he or she would never get into conflict with any traffic law.

Traffic violation - Bicycle

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Anyone, regardless of social, economic or political status in life, caught violating certain traffic laws is in danger of facing its consequences. That is to say, no one is actually exempted when it comes to the implementation of these laws.

One specific example is that which happened recently with actor Thomas Gibson of “Criminal Minds” when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Gibson was, in consequence, booked in the L.A. Central Jail and later on posted $15,000 bail. More about this at Actor Thomas Gibson Arrested Downtown On Suspicion Of DUI.

Even Senator Michael Crapo of Idaho had to come to terms with the consequences of his traffic violation when he was arrested in December for driving drunk. According to the police officer, his alcohol level, at the time of his arrest in the Washington suburb of Alexandria, Virginia, was 0.110. As a result of the traffic violation, Crapo had to pay a fine of $250 and was required to surrender his license for a year. More of this at Crapo pleads guilty to DUI charge.

And not even religious authorities are exempted. This was exemplified when Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, a Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco, was arrested in August of 2012 also because of DUI suspicion. The archbishop himself pleaded guilty with the charge resulting to a sentence of three years probation, a fine of $1,120, and a mandatory attendance at a panel discussion that is sponsored by the MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving. For more of the story, see S.F. archbishop pleads guilty to reckless driving in DUI case.

Traffic Violation - High Speed

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Is this the way to fight a traffic violation?

A 16-year-old Saline boy was arrested early Dec. 28 after attempting to flee police, reaching high speeds of up to 70 and 95 mph at some points.

The pickup truck he was driving eventually ended up in a ditch south of the city. No injuries were reported and three teens, the driver and two passengers, were taken into custody without further incident….More at SALINE: Charges sought against teen for fleeing police over minor traffic … – Heritage Newspapers

Traffic Violation - Parking

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Indeed, when it comes to the law no one is exempted. Whether you are a famous actor or actress, a politician or perhaps a religious authority, you must still take on the penalty that is due for the traffic law that has been violated. However, immediately paying for the fine may not always be the best choice to opt for especially when you know that the alleged violation is untrue and that you are innocent. In situations like these, you can choose to fight the traffic ticket. Call 305-LAW-FIRM (529-3476). Let our traffic ticket attorneys help you deal with your traffic violation problem so that you can maintain a clean driving record.