Receiving any traffic ticket is not a feel-good moment to any motorist out there. However, motorists still bend road rules causing them to get one or more tickets every time they are being pulled over. Horrifying is that your ticket fines are possibly not the only costs you need to take care of – some of the costs are just hidden in the beginning and you will find yourself probably drowning with the surcharges and hidden fees.

Florida Speeding Ticket

The Hidden Cost of Traffic Tickets


It starts with flashing lights and a few chirps of the police cruisers siren and you find yourself on the side of the road fumbling for your license, registration, insurance and a reasonable explanation in the hope of getting out of a traffic ticket. Sometimes you get lucky and the officer lets you off with stern lecture and a warning. Other times you join the not so exclusive club of traffic law violators. Traffic tickets, aka moving violations are no fun and can end up being far more costly than being late for an appointment which is by far the most common excuse for speeding. When excuses and explanations fail and a ticket is issued and the patrol car drives out of view you are left with a piece of paper that represents only a portion, possibly a small portion of your cost for the event.


The Real Cost of a Traffic Ticket


When you’re pulled over for speeding or other infractions, the financial toll can run much higher than the actual cost of the ticket. For starters, points on your driving record can lead to higher insurance premiums for the next several years. States have different point systems, and some states will add points to your driving record for an out-of-state violation. The impact on premiums will also vary depending on your insurer, driving record and other factors.



Penalties drive up cost of California traffic tickets


FULLERTON – Speeders, red-light runners and those who blow through stop signs can expect to pay nearly 200 percent more for a traffic ticket than they did a decade ago.

Base fines for those and other infractions have remained about same for years. But increases in penalty assessments and fees set by the state Legislature have driven up the total costs of citations, according to records from the Judicial Council of California.


Traffic fines come in different forms and timing, from small to big and with every social status without exceptions. Even indigent people are victims of overpowering traffic enforcers issuing off the roof traffic tickets and the private for-profit company, letting them pay bigger fines and when they can’t afford to pay, debtor’s prison is an option. – Sometimes, human forgets to be human. The bottom line is, to avoid these things to happen, never break the rules of the roads. In that way, they can never get hold of you.

Short on cash, “poor Americans ending up in modern-day debtors’ prison” over traffic fines


For ages, those who were too poverty-stricken to pay judgments and other outstanding debts were locked up, and forced to work it off under prison labor, along with the cost of incarceration.

But it fell out of fashion, and became an unlawful and unconstitutional form of punishment in the U.S. back in the 1830s, as well as in most other countries. The 14th Amendment strengthened equal protection under law, that is until recent decades. With new found economic pressures and plenty of new fines and offenses, debtors’ prisons are back.



Taming the Cost of Traffic Tickets


While nearly 10% of American drivers are ticketed each year for a traffic violation, some infractions hit insurance rates harder than others. A reckless driving charge boosts premiums by 22% on average, for example, while driving without a license adds 18%, according to a recent analysis by Insurance.com, a comparison site. In contrast, getting caught not wearing your seat belt could bump costs by 3%. (See chart for full details; try the tool to see how your age, location and other factors may impact charges.)


Ticket Fines and Penalties in Florida


Florida handles traffic tickets on a county level, and for the most part, traffic ticket fines don’t vary too much by county.

For example, if you’re cited for speeding in one part of the state, chances are your ticket fine will be the same as if you were cited for speeding in another part of the state.


Your traffic tickets vary from others, and during summer time, it has been predicted to have a lot more pulled over than in other seasons. One thing is for sure, your traffic violations will lead you to fines and these traffic tickets will give you points into your driving records in any case.

You always have the right to contest, whatever traffic tickets have been issued to you. You never know whether you can have fewer points and lesser fine or if you’re lucky enough, they might just dismiss and leave your records spotless. Of course hiring a traffic ticket lawyer will be helpful and economical too. They help you to get lesser or no points towards your records and they offer you advise on how exactly they can solve the issue. At Traffic Ticket Office we have experienced lawyers who will defend you in any traffic violation case. Call 305-LAW-FIRM or contact our traffic lawyers.