No matter who was driving your automobile/car, a traffic citation will still be given to its owner. This means that the registered name for that vehicle will be charged with a traffic ticket. While this may seem unfair, it is the law and everyone must abide by it. The citation will then be sent to the listed owner’s address and it will be reflected on the said driver’s record. Getting into this scenario is indeed troublesome but all you can do is contest it.

A typical issue that often happens is when a driver doesn’t change their address with the DVM. If an individual has actually moved and obtains a toll violation charge, the citation will still be sent to the registered owner’s old address. When this takes place, late fees will be added and a suspended license will be implemented if the actions were taken later than expected.

If an individual’s license becomes suspended then they are obliged to pay extra charges if caught driving. Aside from this, a person facing a toll violation with a suspended license who will be found driving might deal with jail imprisonment. Additionally, if a driver has actually gone through a toll zone for numerous times and did not pay, they will certainly obtain a citation each time that they fail to do so.

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