Ultra image from Miami New Times

Ultra image from Miami New Times

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival is a yearly music event that is known throughout the United States. This festival that takes place in Miami, Florida, drags in people from various locations.  With the influx of visitors to Miami, many problems can arise, one being traffic accidents.  With tourists unaware of Florida’s complex traffic laws, it is always a good idea to have a successful traffic ticket office by your side.

Your best bet is to not drive to the Ultra Music Festival at all.  If you plan to attend Ultra, leave your car at home and instead take any other form of transportation available.  Taking any one of the trains available, either Tri-Rail if you are coming from out of town or Metrorail, and get off at Government Center.  From there, you can walk to Bayfront Park or take the free Metromover to the College/Bayside station.

Needless to say, if you have no business being in downtown this weekend, it’s best to avoid the area.


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