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The back to school Miami traffic ticket of late summer always catch drivers off-guard.  Now that summer break is over and school zones are once again being observed by the authorites, many drivers neglect the 15 mile per hour school speed zones and consequently, receive hefty fines for having exceeded the legal limit leading to being issued a Miami traffic ticket.

While it is necessary to observe all speed limits, the national mandatory school zone is one speed limit which is particularly difficult for habitual traffic offenders to adhere to. Once apprehended, drivers are citd with a speeding ticket carrying with it very hefty fines, even as much as double the regular cost of a typical Miami speeding ticket or Miami speeding violation.

No one wants a speeding ticket, particularly one with double the fines. Not only are additional points assessed to your driver’s license, but the increase in points to your car insurance could be substantial, affecting its cost for many years, until the points are eventually removed.

The attorneys at the Traffic Ticket Office have extensive experience defending all types of Miami speeding ticket violations. Whether the speeding violation be issued on I-95, the Florida Turnpike, expressways, residential streets or school zones, the Traffic Ticket Office has vast experience in having these traffic tickets completely removed from your record with no hefty fines or increases to your vehicle insurance.

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