Alcohol and Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the most common causes of road accidents. It does not only put the driver’s life at risk but it also put the lives of his passengers as well as pedestrians in a dangerous situation. Drunk driving almost always warrants costs– the cost of property and personal damages, the cost of DUI tickets and fines, the cost of court trials and it may even cost your job.

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 Take for example the case of Fort Lauderdale Police Department Officer Vincent Falzone. According to 7News, Falzone was reportedly drunk and speeding at 95 miles per hour when he crashed his police car near Turnpike on Sunrise Boulevard. Although there were no casualties, except for few traffic posts and his banged up patrol car, Falzone lost his job. Internal investigations indicate Falzone used “poor judgment in driving his marked police car off duty, and was intoxicated”. It was revealed that he was at a party with other police officers before he went off the road due to drunk driving. The incident caused Falzone, who was recognized as October Officer of the Month in 2008, to lose his career at Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Watch the full news coverage on the video below:


Driving under the influence of alcohol: How it affects you

What happened to Falzone is not uncommon. Drinking too much alcohol even within our threshold levels is risky if you still need to drive back home. So how does alcohol messes up with our system?

  • Alcohol slows brain functions so you can’t react quickly enough in a dangerous situation;
  • Reduce the ability to judge how fast you are moving or your distance from other cars, people, or objects;
  • Give you false confidence, which makes you think you’re driving better than you actually are;
  • Reduce your ability to focus on the road and multitask, such as looking straight ahead while using your peripheral vision to watch for pedestrians; and
  • Make you feel sleepy or tired.

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Even if you avoid an accident when drunk driving, there are other consequences you have to face if you got caught driving under the influence (DUI). The most common of them are listed below:

1. Arrested and Booked
2. Appear in Court
3. Lose Your Driver’s License
4. Pay a Fine
5. Go to Jail
6. Complete the Terms of Probation
7. Go to Drunk Driving School
8. Undergo Alcohol Evaluation
9. Pay Higher Auto Insurance
10. Install an Ignition Interlock Device

Your Defense Against DUI Charges

DUI is a serious offense and could affect your future. An expert advice is needed when challenging a DUI charge so you can move forward to the right direction and achieve positive results. At Traffic Ticket Office, our highly experienced attorneys handle them everyday.  Give us a call at 305-LAW-FIRM for a free consultation.