Fridays Are The Most Dangerous Driving Days For Commuters


Does this news surprise any of us? Aren’t we all in a hurry for TGIF?

We raise this issue not because of the traffic ticket associated with Friday driving, but rather because we need to be aware of the dangers of Friday driving  for our own safety. We found the following article in AOL’s Auto Magazine:

According to Nationwide Insurance, Mondays and Tuesdays are the safest days to drive to work.
Drivers should be especially safety-conscious while on the road on Fridays
If you’re living for the weekend, and really want to make sure you are actually alive this weekend, Nationwide Insurance suggests you try driving safer on Fridays.

Friday, the day that is so cool, people usually thank a higher power for its arrival, is also the most dangerous day to commute to work. The insurance company analyzed claims from 2012, and there is an average of 4,664 insurance claims per day for accidents which happen on Fridays.

Wednesdays come in second, with an average of 4,197 claims per day, followed closely by Thursday, then Monday and Tuesday.

“Everybody is anxious to start their weekends, so they’re all thinking about something other than focusing on their driving,” Bill Windsor, associate vice president of safety at Nationwide, told AOL Autos.

About half of all accidents happen during commuting hours, Windsor said, making driving to work more risky than many people realize. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, or NETS, reported that being rear-ended and rear-ending another vehicle are the two most frequent types of accidents that happen during commuting hours.

Which makes the solution to this problem seem fairly obvious: Stop tailgating, or move away if someone is driving too close on your tail. Those types of accidents can result in serious injuries, NETS said.

Windsor suggested drivers need to leave at least 3 to 4 seconds of driving distance between themselves and the car in front. If roads are wet or slippery, that distance should be doubled, he said.
And, naturally, Windsor said drivers should stop focusing on emails or texts while behind the wheel. Other drivers need to be on alert for people who might be distracted behind the wheel.

“Drivers have to expect the unexpected, because unfortunately, there are a lot of distracted drivers out there,” he said. “Because of that, you need to know that just because a car has its signal going, it might go the exact opposite way.”

Quoted from: http://autos.aol.com/article/fridays-most-dangerous-day-drive


Traffic Ticket Office Advice


As the Traffic Ticket Office we would add that particularly when facing stressful traffic conditions such as those experienced on Fridays, when we are more apt to run a red light or speed, we simple say the following:  keep your cool, always be cautious and aware of the traffic dangers surrounding you.