Driving with a suspended license, though one of the most common citations, is actually a serious criminal offense. When caught driving with a revoked license, you will be faced with stiff fines or mandatory jail sentence.  Sometimes it can be both.

Proof of Driving Under a Suspended License

Most states require only these two items to prove a person is driving under a suspended license.

  1. The person was driving a vehicle on a public road or highway.
  2. The driver’s license has been suspended.

There are states that require proof that you knew your license was suspended and willfully drove and broke the law. This would be done in a letter being sent by the state and received by you or that you appeared in court and were punished with a license suspension.


News on Driving with a Suspended License

These latest news are compiled below so you can have a glimpse of what can happen to you if you drive on a revoked license.

Man faces suspended license charge for the 7th time

A man faces a mandatory fine of $1,000 and 30 days to six months of jail time for driving on a suspended license, which police say is his 7th time. Shippensburg Police said David Bitner, 31, was charged with summary driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked after reporting a noise complaint to police in the 100 block of East Orange street at 1:14 a.m. June 26.

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Man arrested for driving with suspended license hours after judge ordered him not to drive

A Broward County man was facing new charges late Tuesday, hours after he allegedly ignored a St. Lucie County judge’s courtroom order to not drive with a suspended license. Brian Lavince Mathis, 26, of North Lauderdale was arrested Tuesday afternoon shortly after leaving a traffic court appearance in Fort Pierce, the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office said. Mathis is scheduled to face a bond hearing Wednesday, unless he can post a $50,000 bond overnight.

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Drivers with suspended licenses hike up insurance rates

In Ohio, drivers with suspended license take blame for the hike in insurance rates. Euclid State Farm insurance agent Andre Payten confirmed that suspended drivers are responsible for higher insurance costs. “We all pay more because we have to pay more claims where we shouldn’t have,” Payten said. “If we pay more, it’s going to affect our insurance rates overall.”

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Your Defense Against Suspended License Ticket

If you want to challenge your suspended license ticket, you should get your records from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Make sure the details on the records are correct such as your name and address. If you are not aware that your license was suspended when you were charged with a ticket and the state cannot prove that you receive the notice, then the suspension of your driver’s license could be lifted.  Otherwise, you have to prove to the court that your license should not be revoked and your case should be dismissed. You can make this process easier for you if you consult an attorney who has experience on suspended license.  Contact Miami Traffic Ticket Attorneys at 305-LAW-FIRM for a free consultation. Their qualified attorneys will be more than willing to help you.