Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian Relief:  At a Time of Need…

This monster storm, named Hurricane Dorian, has devastated the Bahamas.  Never has the country of the Bahamas experienced such a time.  For such a time as this, at a time of need as this, is when we all have to pull together and help our fellow man.

As is typical with hurricanes, they take twists and turns, develop and travel in different directions until they finally hit their entrance point.  Hurricane Dorian was no exception and followed this very track.  It started as a much lesser category storm, traveling very slowly.  The storm developed into a Category 5 and ravaged Abaco and Freeport, Bahamas.  Hurricane Dorian devastated the once beautiful coastal communities of Abaco and Freeport.

At this time of need, for such a time of this, please consider contributing whatever you can to help thousands who have lost everything.

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