Most of us are aware that with the Red Light Cameras in our intersections and traffic lights is like our big brother watching over us. 

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Red light cameras to return to West Dundee intersection

“In 2013, those cameras were removed when the intersection was widened. Now, with the corner being able to handle more turning cars, they are needed just the same, if not more.

“Those cameras encourage stopping at red lights. Their resolution is great.” Wieteska said. “They slow the cars down, so there are fewer accidents.”


But not everybody is happy that somebody is watching, 4th District Court of Appeals in Tampa Bay, Florida ruled out that Red Light Cameras are illegal. Big brother watching? Its illegal says court.


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Cities suffer another red light camera defeat


“Cities and counties hoping a state appeals court would re-hear its controversial decision on red light cameras’ legality were dealt another blow, as the 4th District Court of Appeals said it would not certify the case for a state Supreme Court appeal. …”


 Court delivers new strike to Volusia-Flagler red-light cameras


“The South Florida appeals court decision matters to Daytona Beach, Holly Hill and Palm Coast — the only municipalities in Volusia and Flagler with red-light cameras — because it could set a precedent for the way citations have to be issued. It could also spur lawsuits brought by people who want their fine money back, and it could scare the three cities into dropping their red light programs.”



And not only that, in Arlington for example, a group wants Red Light Cameras banned for they say cameras infringe your rights.


Light Payments: Arlington Group Wants Red Light Cams Banned


“Now, Citizens for a Better Arlington is bringing their petition to nix the cams to the city council. They say the cams infringe upon your rights.

“The 5th amendmenT, innocent until proven guilty, and that flips this on the ear because they send you a citation in the mail that says your guilty, prove otherwise,” Canon said. “The 6th amendment-you can’t face your accuser because your accuser is an inanimate object called a camera.”


It seemed that being watched by these red light cameras means something to most of us. More than 4 years ago in May of 2010 a report came out that a bill comes out in the state of Missouri Legislature to make Red Light Camera’s illegal. Mixed reactions have been found on these, there are those who like the idea for the reason that being watched is an infringement of an American’s basic rights, but there are those who say that Red Light Cameras deter violations, for some may obey the law knowing they are watched, let’s see how the story started in this news video of May 2010:


But not all agree that red light cameras are infringing our rights. Other places put reforms on the basic usage of the system, for in one way or another red light cameras in fact deter accidents and make our streets safer.

Reforms proposed for red light camera program


Four Albany Common Council members are giving a red light to a plan to put cameras on certain traffic signals in the city, even before the first camera is installed. They’re calling for some changes to the plan in the interest of fairness to drivers in the city.

The ordinance was introduced on Tuesday and contains three main reforms for the red light program. Common Council members Judd Krasher, Ronald Bailey, Frank Commisso, Jr., and Jack Flynn want there to be an educational “grace period” for drivers after the cameras are first activated. They want drivers to be given warning citations during the “grace period”, instead of handing out $50 fines right away.”



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