Today we explore the options to reinstate your drivers license after it was supended or revoked. Most of the required information can be obtained from DVM:

Florida Suspended Drivers License Information and Procedures | DMV.org
Suspended Florida drivers license – obtaining a restricted license, license reinstatement, penalties for driving on a suspended license and more.


Reinstating a Drivers License in Florida | How to Reinstate Suspended …
DriversLicense Revoked or Suspended? Get it Reinstated Right Away – Get the Info you Need to Reinstate your Suspended License in Florida here!

You can attend the ADI (advanced driver improvement) course online in a 12-hours class:

License ReinstatementFlorida Puts Bad Drivers Online
It’s a 12-hour class required for Florida drivers who have temporarily lost their driving privileges because of excessive points, habitual traffic offenses or court order.

Reinstate Florida Suspended Drivers License – Enroll ADI Online Course
Reinstate Suspended License and get hardship license for driving penalties or restricted license by enrolls the Florida DMV approved online ADI School Course.

Uninsured cars seized by police in Liverpool.JPG
“Uninsured cars seized by police” by Nick-DOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Your Florida driver license can be suspended due to failure to pay your insurance premiums:

 Florida Auto Insurance Requirements and “Warning Letters”
If your Florida driver license is suspended, you will need to show proof of enrollment in an Advanced Driver Improvement class before your license can be reinstated. This class can be taken from any of Florida’s state approved ADI course …

Time to see a driving test:

“Now you know what to do to pass the driver license test.”

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