Summer Driving

Summer Driving Tips

The summer driving season is in full effect.  Together wit their families, many Americans take off for extended vacation road trips during the summer.  Since school is out, it’s a great time to experience an extended getaway with their families.  As it does every year, AAA has released its recommendations and summer driving tips for having the safest experiences while driving during the busy season.

In terms of your vehicle safety, among the top concerns are battery, tire, overall engine and coolant maintenance.  With regards to the human capacity for error, on longer drives, rest every couple of hours, don’t eat heavy meals, stay alert, avoid any distractions and by all means, get enough sleep.   Long beach days or theme park days can leave a driver fatigued.  So be aware of activities that may cause you to feel this way.

When in doubt, remember, it’s best to designate another driver to help you drive safely to your final destination.  Per AAA, “…getting to your destination quickly is never worth jeopardizing safety. Crash risks for sleep deprived drivers increase steadily compared with drivers who get seven or more hours of sleep. Missing just two to three hours of sleep in a 24-hour period can quadruple a drivers crash risk.”

For additional summer driving safety tips, check out this AAA piece here.


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