Texting while driving is the act of reading, seeing, composing, or sending out text through cellular phone while running an automobile.

Texting while driving is a moving traffic infraction and might be a criminal misdemeanor in specific jurisdictions. Researches have actually revealed that texting while driving boosts the threat of a car crash by anywhere from 2.8 to 23.2 times than typical. The laws covering texting are intended more at deterrence (prevention) instead of recuperation of losses.

What Are the Laws on Texting While Driving?
Much like cellular phone use laws, texting while driving laws differ from one state to another. Presently, 44 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the United States Virgin Islands ban text for all motorists. 4 states forbid teen motorists and brand-new motorists from text messaging. 3 states do not permit school bus motorists from text messaging.

At the time of this article, states that do not have any kind of constraint on texting while driving are:


The following states have a more lax texting law:

Mississippi: the ban is just versus people with either a student’s authorization or an intermediate license
Missouri: the ban is just versus motorists 21 years or more youthful
Oklahoma: the ban protests people with a student’s license, intermediate license, school bus scuba divers, and public transit motorists
Texas: the ban protests bus motorists when they are driving travelers 17 and more youthful, intermediate license holders for the very first YEAR, and motorists in school crossing zones

What Are the Penalties for Texting While Driving?
As discussed, the laws governing texting while driving differ from one state to another. Nevertheless, penalty for texting while driving usually consists of a mix of the following:

Monetary fines: these can vary from as low as $20 approximately $500 depending upon the state
Lawbreaker charges: in some states texting while driving can lead to criminal misdemeanor charges (Class B or C)
Prison or jail time: if the offense has actually led to physical injury to another motorist, prison or jail time might be enforced
The extent of penalties enhances with repeat offenses. For instance, after a 2nd offense, the judge might opt to release a greater fine or a longer prison sentence.

In addition to legal repercussions, other repercussions for texting while driving consist of:
Points on one’s driving record
Suspension or cancellation of driving advantages
Compulsory roadway security classes
Car impoundment, specifically if terrific physical injury arise from a mishap
Lastly, in some jurisdictions industrial motorists and school bus motorists are held to stricter requirements. Offenses can lead to fines of over $2,000 for truck and bus motorists

What Payment Can I Get If I Have Been Hurt By Somebody Texting While Driving?

The precise quantity of payment will certainly be various based upon the realities of the case. Nevertheless, you can get offsetting damage awards for any injuries you suffered. You can likewise recuperate cash for any expenditures you had or any cash you lost since of your injury.

Sometimes, compensatory damages might be included. Compensatory damages are created to penalize the culprit for his/her actions. For instance, if the individual who hurt you was fined for texting while driving formerly, the court might include compensatory damages onto the quantity of cash granted. Call today 305-LAW-FIRM or contact our traffic lawyers who have successfully defended thousands of traffic cases in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Come visit us at our offices at 720 NW 103 Street, Miami, FL 33150 for a no cost, no obligation evaluation of your traffic case.